Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chica Loca

Meet Grace...
A fighting machine ... a ticking time bomb unnaturally large dog ... an unnaturally strong dog ...a Hurricane Gustav reject.

Aww hec. She's just a nice dog that needs a home.

Thanks to Animal Planet RV fame duo - Nicole & Steve - for bringing her cross country and taking such good care of her while she waits.


Anonymous said...

How can anyone watch that and still have hatred in their hearts directed towards all these dogs.
There is something very special about these dogs.
It really does make you wonder.
Not about the dogs but about the humans that hate them so much.
Is it redirected hatred that they can`t take out on their fellow humans?
I just can`t comprehend the hatred.

Anonymous said...

Sweet little video. But I gotta ask: am I the only one that looks at her and immediately thinks of Petey (from the Lil Rascals)? Maybe because her eye patch looks too perfect - like it was drawn.

Anonymous said...

Aaaahh! She's adorable. I'm having an uber-yucky couple of days because my own dog is sick, but that video cheered me up so much! I was even overjoyed to notice that while I sang along, my boy wagged his tail for the first time in 2 days. So both of us got something from it. Gracie is touching lives just by being herself. Thanks for the uplifting moment, BAD RAP!
I hope she gets the great home she deserves soon. :)

Pip said...

Good luck Grace-lady! It's a pity you don't like cats, because my tom-boy has a crush on you! (He sat on my shoulder and started purring the moment your video came on and you started wigglin' that cute butt!)

Anonymous said...

So many fabulous dogs, so little time!

Boris said...

Grace - Una Bella Cane!
Wow .. If I can have another love in my life (behind Sally, Dixie, Sheena....)

Talk about material for "Bull-Mark" notecards, she has a pirate-eye AND tail patch.

As she'll go fast, send me her forwarding address, Boris

Anonymous said...

She's dahling! Pity she'd probably wouldn't be a very happy camper living with two other bossy girls. Good luck Gracie.

Midwestern Bully Love

Anonymous said...

Oooh como te amo perrita bonita!