Monday, September 08, 2008

Just a blurr

Shelter ramblings ... Too many bouncy dogs in one room makes for a busy two days of musical chairs: Do you like your neighbor now? No? - How 'bout now? .... Ants in the treat dispenser; Damn! ... Trail of blood all down the hallway leads to Ward F. Do I dare look inside? .... Pretty red-brindle girl flinches during ball toss, then belly crawls meekly, asking for comfort. Scribble YES on her paperwork to keep her safe ... Ants in the peanut butter now? Crap. .... Piglet decides playing with Jelly Roll Jones is fine. Good news. They'll sleep well tonight.... Why is Marley back? (The home skipped the part of the directions where dog-intros should go slooow & easy, not fast & crazy. Oops.) ... Scary dog slamming at the kennel door to get to me. Why is he still here? (Oh. His owner is fighting to get him back. Good grief.) ... The nearly-naked rooster flirts shamelessly with the hen. Hasn't he looked in the mirror lately? ... Long legged husky bows and smiles. Let's take a break and give him some time outside. He dances like Fred Astaire. Who lost this wonderful dog? ... Two females surrendered with a "Please dispose of this dog" signature from their owner. One will move to adoption; the other will be euthanized tomorrow...Piglet hides her treats under her kuranda bed ... Newman wags 'Thank you' for his kong ... The laundry is totally done. Amazing ... A terrier mix barks furiously through the fence ... Checking the locks, whispering good night to Ward T, thinking about dinner ... It sure feels like fall this evening.

Interested in doing shelter work? 

Consider volunteering with us to help the dogs. It's an amazing experience and will be one of the hardest jobs you'll ever love.


Anonymous said...

I know there are way too many and they all can`t be helped but could HSUS watch what they say.That might help a bit.
Is it just me or can they not decide which side of the fence they`re on?

[quote]He said he even contacted the Humane Society of the United States office in Chicago about placing the dogs with any of various pit bull associations, but officials said this would only be an option for puppies. All of the seized pit bulls are adults.

“We tried,” said Donley.[/quote]

On another note.
Trying to find a Owner/home for either a stray or more than likely a dumped cat.
Recommendation from 1 human.
And I quote "Oh just take it out on the highway,get up to speed and throw it out.Cats are a dime a dozen"
My response "So are humans..get in,I`ll take you for a little drive"
What the hell is the matter with people?

Anonymous said...

"Please dispose of these dogs", Seriously? That is the kind of thing that makes my head feel like it will explode. That there are people that treat dogs like something to be thrown away. I try not to judge people who need to give up there dogs, sometimes people have no other option, but this one takes the cake.

Thanks for sharing a look at your day.

Anonymous said...

Too far away to volunteer.
I`d be sleeping with the dogs if I could.
[quote]Newman wags 'Thank you' for his kong ... [/quote]

Just sent you some money for some more Kongs.
Hopefully there will be some more wags and I hope some day Frodo becomes a Breed Ambassador or at least a much loved special dog in a special home.
I love them all but the donation is with him in mind.

Donna said...

Thank you for the kong help, anon. They're a welcome sight to every dog that gets one. Yesterday, the husky had his first and his tail spun around in circles when he found the goodies inside.

Donna said...

anon - Thanks for the article about the doomed dogs in Chicago.

It would've been so much better to hear that the HSUS supported a professional evaluation* of the dogs rather than death without. And again, why are they considered the authorities on who should live or die when they have no technical experience on re-homing bust dogs? It's maddening.

At the very least, the dogs deserve a steak and an hour in the yard chasing a ball before they died.

Anonymous said...

As a shelter volunteer and a volunteer for our local pit bull rescue I have to agree it's the toughest job you'll ever love. I have learned more about the unfairness of life and of hope then I ever thought I could. Volunteering with animals, especially pit bulls has changed my life.

Kirsten said...

You forgot poo! ;)
I can't add much here-- just want to second the notion, having worked and volunteered in shelters. It's very rewarding, exhausting, challenging, and so worthwhile, chipping in to care for all those loveable orphans.

Still wish I lived closer to BR. :)

The Foster Lady said...

Yes, it is daunting, very daunting. And some things that could so easily be the NON slow-intro of Marley to the resident dog. We see it all the time at the shelter where I have volunteered and fostered from.

One would like to ask these people: let's say you met someone in the grocery store, after chatting it up a bit, perhaps you might have coffee....BUT, would you expect them to come to your house, MOVE IN AND SLEEP there that VERY NIGHT??? Heavens no....but what some people expect from dogs is outrageous and when they don't score a perfect 10 after walking inside the front door, bam, back to the shelter. Time and patience is what it takes for most dog-social and dog-selective dogs.....and aren't all of us, 'people-selective'? I know that I am and suspect that 99% of the human population is.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.


Boris said...

Hey Am-Bass-Dog Crew at OAS,

You are all doing a great job under trying conditions. Glad my OEL left the AKC treats in the freezer last month.

Most remarkable quote shared by my OEL heard from volunteer -- ".. the other dog handlers at OAS are learning from the ABD Crew. Now, when they take their dogs out they demand their behavior and teach them lessons while walking. Both dog and handler having more fun and feeling accomplished ..."

I'll send him back every time he is in town so he can continue to learn. We need to carry-oer your behaviors and deeds,applying them back on my planet.

Check back, Boris

Anonymous said...

Recommendation from 1 human.
And I quote "Oh just take it out on the highway,get up to speed and throw it out.Cats are a dime a dozen"
My response "So are humans..get in,I`ll take you for a little drive"
What the hell is the matter with people?

I dont' have an answer to your response but it is something that keeps me awake at nights -- especially worrying about the way some people treat animals. I loved your suggestion for the one who recommended that one only had to throw a cat out the car window to "dispose" of it. I'll help -- do you wanna roll down the window or do you want to push?!? Please, please, let me push that person out to go splat on the highway so he can know what it feels like!

Thanks, BR for all your efforts on behalf of the dogs. If I lived closer I would love to help you hands on with poop patrol, feeding, training the pups, etc. I truly believe public perception is starting to change for PBs. I am happy to notice more PB's being adopted as family pets here in North NJ by families who really love 'em they way the should!