Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Restorative Power of Happy Endings

Lookit this girlie. She gifted us with a happy ending today that, at first appearances, wasn't supposed to happen. If you remember Sophie, she was the severely neglected dog that was slated for a week's compassion hold before we put her to sleep - Eep. We do a certain number of compassion holds for dogs that are too damaged or sick or troubled for adoption, but who otherwise deserve a a little kindness before they go. But thankfully, Sophie was SO messed up that her optimism just seemed to shine out ten times brighter than other dogs, so she found her way like so many other dogs can't.

We flaunted the overbred, one-eyed, fight scarred, longtime chained, emaciated, broken wristed, crooked jawed, balding, cancer-ridden, dentally-challenged Sophie to the media (Hey - What's not to like?) way back when we were trying hard not to talk about the Vick dogs. Reporters weren't nearly impressed. But true hearts were, and today we celebrated a long happy foster-to-adopt period by officially signing her over to her new people today. (We actually could've signed her over months ago, but dang dog duties kept getting in the way....And yes, we know we're shamefully behind on updating the Happy Endings page)

This is the first round of people who saved Sophie - Martha left, and Megan of the Oakland Animal Services. In this age of fad breed overpopulation, they say more good-byes than any human should have to say, so Sophie's return from the dead means a lot. The next in line is BR foster mom Stephanie - shown in the video - who provided a respite when we thought she was going to die with us (Stephanie knew better from Hour One).

And next is Teresa and Ted and their pit bull Bubba, who shouted 'Mine Mine!' when they first spotted Sophie here on this blog. Twelve year old Sophie has a happy home with these folks and they consider themselves lucky to have her in their lives. Bless you, people. We need more of you on this planet, pronto.

A few people have commented on Harley from yesterday's blog. Yep, the bully gods sure had a sweet tooth for handsome dogs when they brewed up this likable fellow. Here's a little video of him being predictably adorkable.


Dee and Kato said...

I've been waiting for a Sophie update and couldn't be more thrilled!

WTG everyone!

Melrose said...

God Bless Teresa, Ted, and handsome Bubba!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you all do it, but I am so glad you get to enjoy some wonderful happy endings and thank you for sharing them.

Sophie is truly blessed with all the stars aligning for her, all those who helped her must be dog angels in disguise.

Hope we get to see some more happy endings cuz the rest of the news is very very bleak these days.

Pip said...

Thank you Sophie and everyone who had a hand in saving her! It's so nice to get pit bull news that makes me cry in a good way.

Anonymous said...

Bullies will always find their special people if only time allows.
Have many more years of happiness together.
It reminds me of the line from that Jimmy Stewart movie

"Look Daddy another Angel got his wings"

Look Daddy another Bully got his grin...well it`s not quite that line but...

Anonymous said...

Watching Harley makes me wonder if the hatred that way too humans exhibit towards these dogs is a form of jealousy.
The utter absolute joy,happiness,joie de vivre... that these dogs exhibit is so seldom seen in humans once they become adults.

I`ve never see this type of joy even with other Breeds.

These dogs really aren`t like other dogs.
They really do have a special soul or something that other dogs just don`t have.
They give me chills(good)!

God Bless Sophie and her new family.
Hopefully many more years of butt wiggling for Sophie now that she`s found her special people.

Rachel said...

Congrats Theresa. So nice to see Bubba with a pal!

Donna said...

>Look Daddy another Bully got his grin.

That's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Finally, some news that doesn't make me want to turn off the t.v. and head for the hills! I wish that I had room in my home for Harley because he is BEAUTIFUL! I agree with the above statement about these dogs- there really is something so special about them. Nothing makes me smile more than coming home to my Lab wagging his tail-while I say OW!- and my pittie wagging her entire but, curling into a "c" one way and looking back at me over one shoulder, and then the other. May both of these dogs live happy, healthy and very loved lives!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I do love that old girl Sophie. I am so glad she's getting all the love she missed out on during her first twelve years.

Anonymous said...

Some compassion for the abused thanks to what you guys did for the dogs abused by Vick.
Hopefully some of these will get adopted.

Can you believe this?


[quote]The Autauga County Sheriff's office, the Department of Agriculture, the District Attorney's office and the Attorney General's office were all involved in the investigation. A-G Troy King was on the scene right after the arrests. "I was asked the other day......what would you say to somebody who says well they're just dogs. I'd say to somebody who says they're just dogs - that's probably somebody who would say they're just kids or they're just seniors. We can not allow the defenseless among us to be abused and hurt and caged and chained as we see here."[/quote]

Some days it seems like the tide may be turning.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for Sophie and her people!!!

I am not a rescue group but I adopted a screwed up, deathrow dog from an L.A. city shelter because I didn't want him to die there but knew that he probably would have to be put down. That was over a year ago. He has worked so hard to overcome all the limitations imposed on him from his previous life. His absolute joy, the hard work he has put into becoming a well-behaved dog, and the overwhelming amount of love he gives our family has changed my life. Sometimes a lost cause just needs another week to show you who they really are.

Thoughts said...

Bless these people for taking sophie. Convinces me that there STILL ARE good people out there, people like you all at BAD RAP. And that video of Harley is so cute! His tongue hangs so far out of his mouth, its hilarious!


Anonymous said...

I wept with sadness and anger the first time I saw Sophie's video. What kind of souless monsters could use and abuse one of God's creatures like that? And still, she hobbles, tail wagging, ready to give and receive love.

Today, I wept for joy. Thank you Theresa and Ted for opening your heart and home to this deserving, beautiful girl. At long last she will know the structure, safety and love she deserves. Kiss her for me.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about how Sophie's doing and am thrilled to see her doing so well. She deserves nothing but the best.

DoG bless.

Cornelia & Jim
PB's Misty & Buddy
Lodi, CA

SOHO Studios said...

Aaaah ... what an inspiring post ;-) made my evening ;-)

Anonymous said...

More tears of joy! I've also been wondering how Sophie was doing. Many thanks to everyone who helped her get the chance to know a loving home. Kisses and tummy rubs to you Sophie girl!!! (Snort, snort!)