Friday, January 04, 2008

Who cares if it's raining?

Miso's adoption is official and that is all that really matters. A Pug, a Frenchie, and a squishy faced Pit Bull Terrier - easy to see why new mom Stephanie is all smiles. Happy New Year to bullys and bully-lovers everywhere!


No BSL said...

Some of your readers have OCD.
We need to know everything.
Which one is Miso?
Is this a follow up story?
If so,can you link back to the beginning or fill us in?
I told you some of us had OCD!
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Check August 5, 2007 blog entry for the story on Miso.

It is soooooo exciting to see Ms. Miso Luvlee in her new home. Of course, I am very susceptible when it comes to red and whites, having two of my own.

What a wonderful happy ending for Miso and a new beginning for the New Year!


Anonymous said...

Miso is majestic and handsome! What a beautiful family he has too!

Anonymous said...

absolutely adorable family!! I wish them all the best!

A Dog's Best Friend said...

too beautiful!

Mary said...

Now that is one Happy Picture! What a wonderful success story, just look at all those happy mugs!

Anonymous said...

This lady is living my dream! All three dogs are just adorable.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a great photo and great looking dogs! Of course it hit me also because I have a frenchie, a pug and an akita myself.

I LOVE your blog. Keep up the fight!!!

FrogDogz said...

Well, that's a veritable trifecta of cuteness!

Bully-Faces rule!

Anonymous said...

They are all soo cute! We have a pitt and a puggle and I'm thinking about a Frenchie for our next dog!

Anonymous said...

Now thats the family he fits right into! Looks great next to all his family!