Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hector de Ham

We had no idea that Hector was going to be such a media darling, but every other reporter that calls has been wanting more info about the handsome heart throb from Cheryl Wittenauer's wonderful AP article.

On Sunday, Hector's presence was requested at the KGO studios for a live interview with host Christine Craft. So Leslie and I chugged down coffee and made our way across the bay bridge to chaperone his date with radio fame. It didn't dawn on us until halfway up to the 3rd floor that Hector had probably never been on an elevator before. We did a quick check to see how he was doing: No problem. Hector was Mr. Cool, cocking his head and quietly studying the ding ding sounds, blinking lights and funny-stomach feeling of his first elevator ride. Huh. Such a pit bull.

In case you need to see him again (I do), take another look at Hector in this short video clip. Best line: "He likes to be upside down like a baby."


One of the prettiest little dogs from the Lucky Ten was unable to get to the press conference on Friday, so she's been missing out on some of the airtime. We look forward to helping her get her 15 minutes.

For now, here's her movie. Grace is a small, sassy, exuberant little love machine. What the hec was she doing on Vick's property? We'll never know. Enjoy.

Love those details

The writer of this article has been paying close attention to the nitty gritty details of the rescue operation. He suggests that we drop the label 'Vick dogs' (fine by me) and call them something different. Getting away from that label will be hard, though - Just as 2005's flood dogs will forever be branded 'Katrina dogs.' At least the dogs don't seem to care that we're stuck in a naming rut.


No BSL said...

I must say,Hector is doing a great job of learning to be a pet.
What a hoot.He sure knows how to play to the camera.I`m feeling the love from quite a distance.
And Grace,what a cutie Pie.

[quote]It has been suggested that it is time to start referring to the "Vick dogs" as "America's Dogs", since it was the American public and organizations like BadRap all across this country that came to claim them and provide a second chance.

While I 2nd the motion that these dogs need to lose the V%#$ moniker,I hope these dogs lose any moniker and are allowed to be what they are, just dogs.

Reporters and the media need to appreciate that dogs similar to these are being abused all over the world and there are good people all over the world trying to stop the abuse and who truly do love all these dogs.
These dogs are only unique, in that it was a high profile NFL player that was abusing them.

If it had been some street punk,Hector wouldn`t be giving a radio interview.
These are "the world`s dogs."
And we`re going to keep working towards showing people that Hector is not unique.Adorable but not unique.

There are thousands of "Hectors".
People pass on adopting "Hectors" in shelters all the time because they are afraid.

The media portrays "The World`s Dogs" as demons almost on a daily basis.

I hope reporters and Newspaper Editors will think twice about the damage their headlines are doing to "The World`s Dogs".

I hope they will think twice before they scream "Another "Pit Bull" Attack"

Remember Hector when you are about to write something like that.
Dogs would rather be upside down in someone`s arms.
Go after the real problem and it`s not the dogs.

The media needs to delve deeply into the underground world of dogfighting and find out what other high profile people are bankrolling these operations.If you can shut those down,maybe the street punks will get the message.

V%$# is the just tip of the iceberg.

Great work BadRap and great work Hector for showing the world that you`re just a big goofy normal dog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bad Rap!

This is Mike and Little Man from Irvine-

I've been keeping track of all of the landmark positive press over the last few days, and I just had to comment on the last line of this article:

It has been suggested that it is time to start referring to the "Vick dogs" as "America's Dogs", since it was the American public and organizations like BadRap all across this country that came to claim them and provide a second chance.

I read that 10 minutes ago, and I still have goosebumps.

This whole thing has given me the chills, the good kind of chills. The kind that come from actually believing this is a turning point for the APBT. What an amazing time this is.

Mike Kaviani and Little Man

Anonymous said...

Please sign me up for Hector's fan club! Can we somehow get an autograph? (a paw print will do!)

Thanks for the videos - you guys are the greatest.

Anonymous said...

Viva Hector !!!!

wags and belly rubs,

your bud,
jonny j.

Anonymous said...

Gracie looks like a Jack Russell Terrier mix... look at the way she moves when she's holding that ball

If this is an example of Vick's "fighting" dogs, he really go taken

Donna said...

All good points Mac's Gang. Remember our one-eyed Sophie girl? The press was hammering us for news about the V-dogs but no one was the least bit interested in our local fight survivor. (We tried and tried) It's truly sad that it takes a sports figure gone wrong in order to get media interest in the dogs' plight, but if that's what it takes...!

Re: Grace. I see bull terrier even more than JRT. Imagine if she had prick ears. Either way, what in the world was he doing with her? And why in the world would anyone condemn that little thing and want to see her euthanized? It boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

Well, you might call them 'Vick-tory' dogs...but MAC is right... Will these media folks remember Mr. Upside-Down-Hector the next time they are chasing a story about 'pitbull puppy eats owner's toes while he sleeps'!! I just saw that one again today!

And yes, there are about 66 pitbulls and pit-mixes at Philadelphia Animal Control, all on borrowed time...and 14 more at the SPCA. Question: will the media do an expose on backyard breeders that are creating so very many of these dogs that they are killing our breed?


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you guys know that Hector is a media star in Sacramento, California. Here in Sacramento,Christine Craft used to have a talk radio show. In today's Scene section, the interview she did with Hector, Donna and Leslie over the weekend received a great write up. Personally, I cannot agree more with the comments made by Mac's gang and others on this blog. The Sacramento City Shelter is currently over run with unwanted Pit mixes. These dogs are victims of abuse, dogfighting, home foreclosures or abandoned by irresponsible owners. Very few if any of these dogs will make it over to the adoptable building. Where is the media to report these stories???As you stated Donna, it is so sad that it has to be a sport figure gone wrong to bring attention to the plight of this once noble breed.--------------W

No BSL said...

We should at least drop the
"V" and substitute "PR" ,when referencing the former NFL "star".

When is Hector going to interview
Merritt Clifton and get some answers?

There is a great post today over on "Lassie Get Help".
It`s appropriately titled "NITWIT".

I`d pay to see Hector sit down across the table from Clifton.

Watch it MC.

You might get LOVED to death!

No BSL said...

[quote]Remember our one-eyed Sophie girl?[/quote]

Yes I do and I am just as interested in her story.

Media people listen up!

I`m from Ontario, Canada.
I want to see the stories on all the dogs.(Not just the dogs abused by M. PR#$%)

I want you to go to shelters and other Rescue groups and talk to the workers and find out about their dogs.

If you are going to do stories on dogs that appear to be "vicious" then look at the circumstances leading up to that behaviour.
Tell us about the human in that equation.

I have NO interest in the "Attack" headlines.

I will read stories about newsworthy bites and attacks AFTER facts are verified but ONLY if you are going to report dog bites by ALL breeds and types.

DO NOT cherry pick your dog bite stories!

It`s tiresome and obvious.

No BSL said...

Hector I just had an idea.
Now that you`re a media darling,your people could insist on certain conditions prior to your appearance on radio or TV shows.

Sort of like the celebrities.
You know some insist on fresh flowers,red M&M`s,bottled water etc. in their dressing room or the "Green Room",you could insist on bringing along a recovering pal(not a "PR#$@" dog)but another dog that was dumped,burned,shot,abandoned etc and you could also tell their story.

Just thought I`d run that by you.

You`re very popular these days!

Anonymous said...

I read an article this morning on MSNBC online, and I had tears in my eyes. Good job once again BADRAP, you continue to inspire and amaze me with all the good work you do for this fantastic breed!

No BSL said...

Hey Hector
I was just flipping through the 2007 archives.
Please update us on Stella,the Blues Club,Bug and the rest of the crew.
If you haven`t been introduced yet,snoop around and see what you can find out.
They must be thrilled for you and the other newbies.
What`s the old gang up to these days?
Any forever homes?
Any new videos?

Anonymous said...

What a doll Hector is!! Any chance of a follow up on him? Is he still with Leslie or has he found a permanent home. Hats off to you Leslie for fostering him but how in the world could you ever let him go? Bless all of you at Bad Rap for what you are doing for these dogs and ALL the dogs that come through your organization. Grace? Well Grace is self explanatory. What a sweetheart. It makes my heart smile seeing her play and relax and enjoy. Thanks to all of you.

Shushamna said...

Oh yeah, and their name. I kinda like the "Vicktory Dogs". Yeah his name is still present but if you think about it, they had the final power over him. The American Heritage Dictionary defines victory as " 1.) a successful struggle against an opponent or obstacle: triumph.2.) Final and complete defeat of an enemy in a military engagement. And a victor...the winner in a fight battle, contest, or struggle. These dogs certainly are all of that and more and they won with love and just by being who they are not by being tough. two cents.

Nicole Jack Russell said...

A dog with mass communication skills now, that’s something. Hector is really doing great he looks cute with the headphones on.