Sunday, January 20, 2008

In the Farallones

What do pit bull people do when they're not obsessing about pit bulls? At least one of them obsesses on other amazing creatures far from the maddening crowd. BR volunteer Sarah Chinn is 20 miles west of San Francisco this winter, interning with the elephant seals (and whales and great white sharks and cold cold winds) on the Farallon Islands.

Thanks to the Internet, we've been getting a daily peek into Sarah's big adventures through her beautiful photos. What a treat. The pit bulls better mind their manners once Sarah comes home - We're guessing that tagging two ton elephant seals all day has taught her a thing or two about wrangling rowdy bulls.


Anonymous said...

...and, apropos previous post, (Are you or aren't you a pit bull?"), this elephant seal has the little slitty eyes...maybe s/he's a pit bull, too?

(Just being silly on Sunday morning. Sorry!)

- Jean

Anonymous said...

And TOTALLY forgot to say how incredibly cool this is. Thanks for the pictures! - Jean

No BSL said...

(Just being silly on Sunday morning. Sorry!)[/quote]

We don`t call that silly in Ontario.
We call that being a Liberal.

Great pictures.
Hope we get to see more of her adventure.

Anonymous said...

Not having seen an elephant seal since I was in preschool -I'm now almost 31 - I forgot just how darn ugly they are. So ugly they look cute.