Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Thank you, Missouri

You know you're spending too much time away from home when your dog falls over and exposes his belly when the suitcase comes out of the closet. So sorry, Simon. Tim is in Missouri right now, working with the Humane Society of Missouri to assess 25 pit bulls from a recent fight bust; MO's biggest bust ever.

We knew we were going to like these folks when we saw the slide show in this news article. The people of HSM are kind, realistic and they have that practical Midwestern sensibility that makes evaluating fight bust dogs seem as normal as trying out a new casserole recipe - Except it's certainly NOT normal to give abused pit bulls a fair chance in this part of the country, where breed prejudice is high and pit bull bans are dotted all across the state. Scary times in Missiouri.

Did I mention how much we like these people? Brains AND balls. They understand that the odds are stacked against dogs like these, but they wanted to give them a fair chance. Unlike custody cases in so many shelters, 'their' dogs get environmental enrichment and a walk each day. Not easy when the shelter's already crowded, but I believe they would tell you that humane care is a right that every animal in their care deserves. They've even worked out some breed-savvy foster care should some of the dogs come out of this okay. (Tim's not allowed to stuff any in his suitcase before he leaves - Simon's orders)

How do they look so far? Tim and the staff are still in the middle of the evals, but he told me today that the types of personalities and temperaments he's seeing are no different from the Vick dogs -- And that's a very good sign. We'll offer more info later, once shelter staff has the opportunity to review the findings and ready their report to their community.

For now, we're just so damn glad to know that one shelter in the middle of BSL nightmares is willing to rise above the status quo. Keep your fingers crossed that - like the Vick dogs - these victims' stories bring new lessons and changed hearts in the heartland.

PHOTO from St. Louis Post-Dispatch News on intake day.


Anonymous said...

it's so wonderful seeing people standing up and fighting back against BSL! thank you BAD RAP, thank you HSOM!

Anonymous said...

This is great, BUT, you still get ignorant people working at Humane Societies and SPCAs that say stupid things like 'they'll probably all be euthanized'.....hello, has he read about the Vick dogs? With 'friends' like this, does the breed need enemies?


Donna said...

True enough. Shelter workers can be behind the times. That's why the dogs have you Dina! - Turn up the volume for the people who aren't listening.

We expect that Missouri Humane's news alerts will be helpful. And of course, we're getting closer to being able to talk about the Vick dogs. (And did we mention how much we like to talk?)

Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to read this! As well as following BadRap, I also do work with the anti-horse slaughter movement. (Believe me, it DOES connect!) Through that work, I ended up supporting the horses who were rescued from a gruesome accident in Missouri in fall of 2006. The survivors were taken to Long Meadow Rescue Ranch, the large animal shelter of HSMO, where truly excellent work has been done with them. This is very cool, and gives me another reason to support this faraway shelter! Go, little pitties! - Jean

Anonymous said...

when there are so many sad stories its heartwarming to hear of stories filled with hope such as this one. i now hope for a day when all shelters will view all dogs equally no matter what their background, they must be judged as individuals. thank you bad rap and thanks to this shelter for doing what they can to help with this mission of hope.

No BSL said...

I love these good news stories.
Good for you guys and a pat on the back for the people that are giving them a chance at a good life.
Paws crossed for all of them.
I hope the dogs all pass.

Donna said...

Adopted APTBs has left a new comment on your post "Thank you, Missouri":

If you are allowed to comment on this at all, I would be curious to see your comments on the following:
which concerns our other friendly fight bust dogs.

Take Care,
The Bullydogs :)

You guessed it APBT, we aren't at liberty to discuss this case right now, or this person's concerns. It's difficult, as you can imagine, but what are you gonna do?

The dogs need us to be well-behaved and the feds certainly need to see that rescuers can remain professional and keep their word.

Anonymous said...

Understood :)

The best of luck to you guys and all the beasties. We're starting to see progress on all things APBT in a lot of places. Which warms our tough bulldog hearts, but doesn't stop us from hiding under blankets during a Midwestern winter *brrr*

*paws crossed for all the beasties*
The Bullydogs :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but today in Phila, the report of a 'Vick'type incident and a pitbull hanged and stoned to death at 27th and Huntington, makes me feel so very hopeless. What can we do to stop the back-yard breeding???? That is the fodder for the fighting-mill.

That's the only way, as far as I am concerned. Do what the German Shepherd, Dobie and Rottie breeders (legit) did a decade ago....stop selling he dogs to less-than-desirable owners. "Our" breed has large litters, by and large, and are bred often for nefarious purposes. What do to to put these people OUT OF BUSINESS?
Sorry for the rant, I am just so sad tonight. I'm going to take my bulls and crawl under the covers.