Wednesday, August 01, 2007



tr.v. re·ha·bil·i·tat·ed, re·ha·bil·i·tat·ing, re·ha·bil·i·tates

1. To restore to good health or useful life, as through therapy and education.
2. To restore to good condition, operation, or capacity.
3. To reinstate the good name of.
4. To restore the former rank, privileges, or rights of.

1. Katie Jane on intake to Oakland Animal Shelter.
Ouchy. Bad fight boo boos.

2. Katie Jane
in new home.

myth (mith) n.
1. an invented story, fictitious person, etc. 2. a belief or set of beliefs, often unproven or false, that have accrued around a person, phenomena or institution.
ie: 'fought pit bulls are dangerous to children.'

3. Katie Jane adopter report one year later:

"I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that Katie Jane is still the perfect dog. She is such a love dog. She loves being near the kids and surprisingly she listens to their commands. She has been going with us on our family walks about two to three times a day and has began to make a pretty good running partner. She listens to all of our commands, walks on a flat collar and does not pull at all. She actually walks so close that she brushes up against our legs. She is great! We are so glad that everything has worked out so well."

Most revealing pit bull related quote of the day:

Surry County Animal Control Officer James Smith about the Vick dogs, “They are in good shape,” he said. “They are not violent to humans.” - New York Times 8/1/07

Thanks for saying so, James. We thought as much.


comfies said...

this blog always gets to me, every time. thank you for always fighting the good fight. i'm not a pit bull owner but i have tremendous love for dogs and for people who fight for them! thank you, thank you! just wanted to give a shout-out!

Anonymous said...

Katie Jane is the perfect poster child for rehabilitation. Love how blissful she looks in that pic with her girls. What a happy ending for this lucky little dog (and her new family too)!

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear Smith's comments on HSUS assertions the dogs should all be killed.

Unknown said...

i just love you guys!
thank you sooo much for all you do. everytime i get down and frustrated with the state of things regarding public perception, i come in here, and you have never failed to lift my spirits and resolve.

Thank you!!