Monday, August 20, 2007

Calling All Hams

Are you a BR adopter or friend? This is just too much fun: Pet Food Express is feeling the bully love vibe and has kindly offered to do a donation match with us on their MyMutt Program. Imagine; stores full of smiling pit bulls looking down on store visitors all over the bay area. I love it. (These are mine and Tim's two dogs, by the way. Cute, huh?)

If you'd like to see your dog on a big poster like this and know that your donation to BR is doubled, dust off the bling collars and call out the dogs. Or - If you're not local but want to participate, you can sponsor one of our current foster orphans to be on a poster. Here's how:

1) Paypal or Snail Mail a check to BR for your donation amount. (Address Here)

2) E-mail Leslie and tell her your donation amount and snail mail address. Please note how many dogs you'd like included, and whether it's your own dog or if you'd like to gift this opportunity to another. If you're sponsoring a specific BR dog, please let us know which dog you'd like photographed.

3) Leslie will send you a form to fill out and e-mail to Pet Food Express, and you'll schedule your shoot with their talented photographer, Alexis (who happens to own pit bulls herself).

Ham it up, Pit bulls!

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