Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jon Stewart on the NFL & Vick's Rub

Give it up for Jon Stewart:

Daily Show - Vick's Rub

'Course Jon owns two pit bulls himself - Shamsky and Monkey. No wonder we like this guy so much.

'Racial Profiling Alive in the Animal Kingdom'

Yikes. This Texas shelter's condemation of pit bulls earned them a stinging headline from the editors of The Empire Tribune

But don't let one shelter's opinions get you down. In another part of Texas - Austin to be exact - two shelters are working away to do right by the dogs and their adopters. Town Lake Animal Shelter and Austin Humane Society each sent two people to BR's week-long Pit Ed Camp last week to learn ways to make their pit bull adoption programs more successful. Anchorage Animal Control (Yes, Alaska!) and Philly sent their finest, too.

Each of the four shelters are planning new and better ways to help good dogs find their way to great homes. Viva free thinkers.

How much do we love these ladies? We had a blast with this motivated group and look forward to seeing what they come up with to turn the tide for the dogs in their communities. - Camp Photos Here -

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Anchorage Animal Control attended your camp. I adopted my Pit/Am. Bulldog mix from them last month and while they were all very wonderful about the Pit Bulls that htey have at the shelter there is always room to learn more about this amazing breed :)