Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How much do you want that doggy in the window?

Some people go out of their way to avoid pit bulls. People like Jordan did everything in his power to bring one into his life.

Jordan's a young man who had a dream of owning a beautiful dog. Planning ahead - his wish list included breeds that would do well with the children he hoped to have someday. After careful research he settled on pit bulls...Smart man. We loved his application. It was full of details, very thorough and he admitted that he knew he had a lot to learn and wanted every help he could get to succeed with his new pet. Music to our ears!

He started showing up at Pit Bull Hall to nuzzle a pit-x named Gulliver through the kennel bars. We knew he was serious when a PBH Team member spied him deep in thought one day; lying on the floor next to the kennels - one hand rubbing Gully's ears, the other holding the book 'Pit Bulls for Dummies.' Hmm. Word got around quick that our handsome piebald had one serious suitor.

Planning ahead some more, Jordan knew his landlords (who were his parents) were going to be less-than-impressed with his breed choice, so he sat down and wrote a well thought-out multi-page proposal outlining all the ways he intended to be a good dog owner: How often he planned to exercise his dog, dog-friendly lodging for times he needed to travel, names of veterinarians he hoped to screen, training plans - you name it.

He presented his proposal
to his parents/landlords
and waited.

Then, the worst kind of luck: Newspapers in Sacramento highlighted a dog attack involving a pit bull. His parents read the news and rejected his proposal. Poor Jordan wrote us in a panic: "Help!" He was crushed. His mom later told us that he stopped breathing on the phone when she gave him the news. Thankfully, unlike many breed-nervous landlords, Jordan's mom fulfilled his simple request: PLEASE go to BR's website and learn about the program that selected Gulliver as a breed ambassador. Lady Luck must have been on his side because she did, and, the rest is history.

After home check and trial adoption, Jordan is now the official owner of this beautiful dog. Even better, he stuck to his promise, attended Pit Ed classes, read everything he could get his hands on, listened to every bit of transition advice we could give him and helped bouncy adolescent Gulliver become one of the "most-improved" dogs we've seen in these parts.

We had to kick Jordan out of Pit Ed class this month....He and Gully just don't need us anymore. They've graduated to Linda's CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Prep Class and are well on their way to earning the prestigious title that's bestowed on dog owners who like to go the extra mile with their pets. We look forward to seeing what these boys will do next - They're the perfect example of what you can accomplish when you set your sights on what you want.

That doggy in the window.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for what you do! What a wonderful story. I'm glad to read Gulliver has a new home, and all of us pit bull lovers have a new breed advocate out there. :)

Unknown said...

GO Jordan & Gully!!! Congrats on graduating! Pit ambassador.

Unknown said...

As a coworker and friend, I can attest to the fact that jordan is one of the most responsible, caring and loving pet owners i've ever met. He loves gully and speaks fondly of his new found "kid." :) I wish only the best for them, and I know Jordan will succeed in improving the general public's sentiments on pitbulls, one waggly tail at a time. -JP

Colleen said...

We became very familiar with Jordan here at the shelter during the visits detailed in this post. We still recognize him when we catch him visiting - something we can't always say for other adopters (shelter or BR). Jordan showed tremendous dedication and became a favorite "regular" around here for his warm smile and genuine love for the bullies in PBH. Congratulations, Jordan, on a VERY happy ending! :)

Much love, from the crew at the East Bay SPCA in Oakland

Anonymous said...

That eye spot is priceless! And this story is inspiring :)

I only wish all landlords would be this open minded (and open hearted!)