Monday, May 28, 2007

Bittersweet Good Byes

Today was a good day because we sent Twizz to her pending home. That's always a reason to celebrate around here.

There to see her off was her long-time friend, Edgar. Ed is one of the background heroes of Pit Bull Hall. He gets a very (very!) modest salary to feed and clean the dozens of dogs at the East Bay SPCA, including our pit bulls. It's a loud and smelly job. Just the day-in-day-out routine can cause anyone to hurry on through in order to get all those hungry barking dogs to quiet down again.

But Ed's take-it-slow brand of dog care has earned him quite a few pit bull friends -- especially, Twizz. She adores him and they've hit it off in the sweetest of ways.

Talk about a stereotype-buster...You'd figure a young guy would be attracted to a big headed boy like Peter or a fancier pit bull with trophy-sized muscles. Nope - turns out the slightly plump, somewhat funny looking Twizz was his favorite. It was a surprise to me, and it made a world of difference to her. You see, Twizz has been in shelters for most of the last nine months... a LONG time. With her kennel situated just across from the 'Get Acquainted Room,' she's had a front row seat to dozens and dozens of lucky non-pit adoptions. Waiting to go home can be hard on these guys (we see signs of kennel stress start after about 4 months), but having a consistent, committed friend can be a lifesaver. Ed slowed down long enough every day to remind Twizz that she was special. He'd nuzzle her ears and climb inside her kennel to let her fall asleep on his lap. I'm sure their friendship made a huge difference in her being able to wait so long and stay so stoic.

So... finally, she went home. Ed hung back and watched the whole procedure as the excited new adopter chatted, read instructions and signed papers for her new girl. And no surprise, Twizz stared back at him during most of the meeting.

I'm glad I remembered my camera today. Two buddies saying good-bye.

Everyone at BAD RAP would like to thank Ed for being Twizz' buddy during these long months of waiting. You made her feel so wanted!

Speaking of under-appreciated shelter workers....

Pit bulls everywhere raise a Two Paw Salute to Nann Dawn (far right), who just said good-bye to shelter life to start a new career as an adoption counselor - this time, for kids instead of pets.

Pit bulls always know a friend when they see one; our dogs were all in love with 'Big Nann.' She cheered them on in every way, she was aces at talking to pit bull-wary shelter visitors and she helped a whole bunch of pit bulls earn their Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog titles. This lady is a true blue Mensch.

On to brave new adventures. We will miss you Nann!

& the Pit Bull Hall Team


Anonymous said...

Touching. The relationships between dogs and humans can be so beautiful.

Also Twizz is adorable! I can never understand how people pass dogs like that by. A smile from a dog like her is sweeter than sugar.

Thanks again for sharing. These stories really brighten my day. It's good to know that someone is making a difference for these dogs.

Anonymous said...

Ed is awesome. He probably doesn't even realize how special he is. Selfless people like him never do. It's nice to see young guys smashing stereotypes. It gives one hope in the future.

Good luck to Nann Dawn in her new job!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the shout out gang.

I will miss all those bully heads and whiping tails.

Give me a call if you ever consider bringing a kid into your homes...there are so many kids waiting for loving homes and loving bully kisses.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Nann gave a great support to our Reading to Dogs program, and sent us some super handlers. Lucky kids to have Nann on their side!