Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Crimes of the Heart

Oh PETA -- How could you?

Right as you were announcing (again) that pit bulls should be banned and grandfathered out of existence, a little boy named Josiah was falling in love with his new best friend, Miss Betty B. Bling.

He's still too young to realize what PETA is, or why your members condemn his friend, or that some of his friends' parents might read your words and prevent them from coming over to his house...because of Betty.

Betty, of course, is divine...As are all properly bred and responsibly raised dogs. Kids and their dogs have known this for centuries.

Josiah's mom has a big job ahead of her with explaining the very adult concept of prejudice to her little guy. Unfortunately, our country has had lots of practice dividing up who is good and who is evil, and who we aren't allowed to love - Yep, this painful path has been walked before. History has also shown that it takes a brave heart to ignore the nay-sayers and follow your bliss.

Speaking of bliss, Josiah's mom wrote this note about Betty:

The other night I was reading and had her on the couch snuggling with me, she was snoring with her head on my chest. I got hit with this overhelming feeling of being completely overjoyed and sentimental at the same time (otherwise known as falling in love?), I just broke down crying.

The trust and love that dogs exhibit amazes me, I think we as humans have a lot to learn. She just seems to fit in so perfectly and knowing the long roads these dogs have to finding comfort kills me sometimes...phheew...deep breath. Yes, I love her.

You just go on with your bad selves PETA -- Those of us who cherish our pit bulls firmly believe that good will prevail. Josiah, his mom and Miss Betty are great reminders why this is so.



Anonymous said...

As an European i wonder; isn't PETA an organization that supposes to PROTECT all animals? Or it protects all animals but pitbulls?

For me, to see a non-profit organization for the benefict of animals to support the ban of any animal species is just plain stupidity.

Its another challenge that I know you all at the BadRap will surpass.
Good luck to all of you there and the bullies.

Anonymous said...

PETA's a little bit too extreme. Their currently in court right now, but I haven't seen much publicity about it. Their mission is "Total animal liberation", scary.

Anonymous said...

These sweet photos touched my heart. Adorable dog and adorable kid. It just shows us that children are above judging on appearances. It's too bad we can't say that for the rest of humanity.

Anonymous said...

Ah, bully love striked another victim!

Betty reminds me that pit bulls are SO dang cute, they look like they were drawn and colored in by kids.