Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Little Flood Dog Does Good

In case you heard a loud whimpering sound coming from the direction of the SF bay area on Wednes afternoon, that was just me, driving away from dropping our foster dog Taz off in his new home. I did my best to look stoic for this photo but it wasn't easy. Taz has been near and dear to my heart since April of last year, when we met him in Louisiana as a 'left over' from the Katrina chaos. He's the best of old world Southern-style pit bull genetics: Small, spirited and shamelessly addicted to people.

We came a long way with this guy, plane flights and heart worm treatment and all. He had to accept being bottom of the totem pole around here with our personal dogs and put up with all the ill-mannered foster dogs that came and went. He charmed the neighbors in a big way, and even did a stint at Pit Bull Hall - which he actually enjoyed until the morning it flooded (Floods are b-b-bad). He became the perfect gentleman in all situations and turned from a grumpy dog-reactive brat to a flirty anything-goes socialite. Go figure.

It started to feel like he might never get a home. But then, his golden application arrived. He gets his very own person now in a warm Berkeley home with all the one-on-one attention a wonderful dog like him deserves.

I can't guarantee I won't get a little choked up tomorrow morning when it's time to tickle him awake and call him for breakfast. This one got under my skin. Welcome to your new life Taz. And, thank you. Your year in our home brought a lifetime of memories.


Many thanks to all the people who made saving Taz's life possible: Randy Covey for sending us to the prison project, Auntie Pam from Bermuda and V from Ontario for the toys that kept him happy, PBRC for heartworm treatment help, Pat for petsitting favors, Carolyn and Penny for being his best friends, the Pit Bull Hall crew for your devotion and everyone who donated to help our Katrina pit bulls find a second life!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Taz, Donna & BAD RAP (and the long list of people who made his chance at a forever home possible). Another promising beginning for another deserving dog. Yea!