Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crew in Corning

This weekend we took some time to visit a small group of dedicated folks waaay up in the north of California. Past big cities such as Red Bluff, you'll find a little town called Corning. We flew in a small plane and the view as we approached the airport was pure farm country.

With a population of around 7,000 people, and maybe that many cows, Corning has a pit bull overpopulation problem. Rather than try to find more populated areas to send these pit bulls, the shelter staff - one employee and three volunteers in total - transfer out the smaller dogs so that they can focus their efforts on placing the pit bulls.

The shelter is a city facility, operated by the non-profit rescue organization, Second Chance Pets. It is a small, older facility with some kennels indoors and some outside. During our visit, there were approximately 10 pit bulls and 3 non pit bulls. The pit bulls were all very similar in appearance, leaving us wondering if they weren't all coming from the same back yard breeding operation.

The Corning pit bulls showed us their best manners. These fine examples of the breed parade around town and visit local schools demonstrating what excellent dogs they are. In the coming weeks, the shelter will hold its first CGC test. The crew in Corning impressed us. With just a few dedicated individuals, they are not only cleaning kennels, exercising dogs and teaching them basic obedience, they are CGC preparing and certifying them!

Yup. The crew in Corning impressed us.


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