Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fool's Gold


We were shocked and overjoyed this morning when we woke up to Sunday front headlines. In an unprecedented move, major media outlets joined in a public apology to American Pit Bull Terriers and their owners for years of biased and overly sensationalized reporting. It seems an anonymous reporter finally got down to hard science, researched the breed and found the APBT was actually the breed most likely to sit on one’s shoe, lean into a leg, and grin from ear to ear, among other lovely talents.

Plans are underway to report real information that all dog owners can use. To launch their dedication to this new perspective, mobs of news crews converged on a local convalescent home to record five pit bulls at work as certified therapy dogs.

April 1, 2007, actually marks the eighth anniversary of BAD RAP’s first meeting. Over margaritas (top shelf, of course), we layed out a rough road map for building this group. We had a good laugh at ourselves when we realized the significance of birthing a non-profit on this oddly auspicious date. Only a fool would step off a cliff into the unknown and decide to help pit bulls in this kind of climate. What kind of strange cosmic force did we inadvertently align with for such an effort?

From a Tarot deck (hey, we’re Californians after all):

(One) interpretation of the card is that of taking on an action where the circumstances are unknown, confronting ones fears, taking risks, and so on. Although it cannot be seen in all modern cards, The Fool is often walking off a cliff. This raises the question "Is The Fool making a mistake, or is The Fool making a leap of faith?" He is ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolution and liberation.

The fool is traditionally scorned and mocked by society although he holds a significant role: In Shakespeare, for example, it’s the Fool who speaks the most profound truths.

Well. Maybe not such a bad role model after all. And it's true that we didn't quite know what we were getting into eight years ago, and every pit bull owner knows about scorn. Appropriately, a dog accompanies the Fool in most versions of the tarot. The dog symbolizes the natural world, a path to knowledge, and a valuable ally.

Maybe the Fool is actually a mentor for any and all dogs owners who are willing to champion for their underdogs? After all, during our toughest times, who among us have not gained courage, insight and understanding from the counsel of our dearest four legged friends?

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Anonymous said...

"Only a fool would step off a cliff into the unknown and decide to help pit bulls in this kind of climate"...IF ONLY...there were more "fools" out there to defend the so-called "underdog".

Ever think about cloning or duplicating yourselves to be able to reach even more people about the actual truths and wonderful characteristics of this breed?