Monday, April 02, 2007

'Do Pit bulls belong on cafe patios?'

What could go wrong?

Plenty! according to reporter, Steve Blow, who uses the power of pen to warn cafe patrons in his revealing column. Mr. Blow uncovers a "legitimate cause for concern" when certain breeds saddle up for latte hour at hometown cafes. Read his investigative report on a suspicious pit bull recently spotted in a Dallas eating establishment (Warning: Graphic depiction of tongue yielding human): Cafe Crimes.

We've noticed similar disturbances in SF area cafes. Hidden cameras captured these shocking images:

Below Left: Lulled by the sports page, an unsuspecting cafe patron is clearly unaware of potential dangers. Right: Seconds later, predictably unpredictable, the canine is crazed by an unsatiable lust for low-fat foam.

Unable to stop the madness, the cafe patron recoils in horror; his beloved refreshment a victim of unstopable carnage.

Do YOU have photo evidence of pit bulls lurking in your local cafes?

If so, please send to for publication. We're committed to getting to the bottom of this latte... Er, this disturbing trend.

BAD RAP Ground Crew


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really messed up. It's a shame how people somehow blame the poor dog for having that owner. On top of everything, the dog didn't even do anything at all in the article anyway.

These photos are outstanding though. What a cute dog! I love those ears and those kind eyes :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the horror...the Shock...When will this cafe madness end? It's a good thing we have "good" reporters like Mr. Blow to find out the "actual" facts.

Donna and the rest of the BAD RAP crew,I hope this kind of "journalism" just gives more strenght to save our beloved bullies.
Keep up the good work.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh I LOVE that first image of that vicious dogs head on the table...that sly glint in his just KNOW he's ready to attack that low-fat beverage.

The horror!!!! ;)

Shanda said...

The owner made everything harder for the rest of us by acting exactly the way people expect "those" (i.e., pit bull owners) to act. PR, people, sheesh!

In FL there is a law that allows dogs at any outdoor eating establishment. I take my dogs everywhere and we love it. I would've been quite upset if someone asked me to move just because they were afraid, but there is no condoning that owner's attitude.

Cute baby mauling that beverage, though, that's enough to cheer anyone up! :)

Anonymous said...

hehe, this picture made my day. THat's what my Missy would have done if I wasn't paying attnetion to my drink. Sneaky, sneaky.

And, if the news article is true, (some reporters are lying scoundrels), that man only made that women hate Pit Bulls even more.

Anonymous said...

In fairness (I'm a dallas resident backreading this blog :P), the guy from the article's a known local jerk- at least, to others of us who eat out with our dogs in that area. The dog's actually very well behaved, though!