Sunday, September 25, 2011

an updated hand-out: bringing home a new dog

We spiffed and relaunched an all time favorite hand-out for adopters: A New Dog in the House.

It's as much wisdom as we can possibly squeeze into four pages for introducing a new dog into the household. Good enough for pit bulls - good enough for all breeds! Use it, Copy it, Share it, Link it. Spread the knowing.
A New Dog in the House

Right: Oh the misery. Patsy the Pup learns about tie-downs and rules.


Unknown said...

Thanks for this!! We're introducing a new 1 yr old Am Staff mix to our 11 yr old Shepherd next weekend. Both dogs are a little insecure, and socially awkward, so it might not be the easiest transition. Any tips from someone that's done a similar intro would be great!

LuckyMuttPantry said...

I've been looking into her online. She is an adorable puppy.

Dianne said...

more bunny ears!

Anonymous said...


check out BADRAP's post on slow intros


Mike Sweeney said...

Thanks for the re-release.
Great job in the verbage!!