Thursday, September 01, 2011

November SAWA Conference - Where the dogs are

If you're a shelter administrator, you probably know by now that SAWA's 2011 Annual Conference is coming to the San Francisco bay area. We're longtime SAWA members, so are pleased as punch about the location. If you're still on the fence about fitting this trip into your busy schedule, we'd love to give you another reason to attend...

As part of the conference, attendees will have an opportunity to attend a BADRAP sponsored Open House and see first hand some of the country's most effective solutions to contemporary challenges facing pit bull type dogs. The scheduled field trip will take you to Berkeley CA. This town of rebel rousers and change makers has been celebrated by Maddies Fund and others for their progressive community-based solutions that have brought a nearly 100% live release rate to its public shelter's treatable dogs including "pit bulls" - and we've been very proud to be active participants in those efforts.

On Sunday morning, November 13, conference attendees will meet a community of people who are facilitating positive change for the dogs. Pit Ed training classes will be in full swing during the Open House, and attendees will watch as dogs get their manners smoothed out and adopters with little or no previous dog handling experience find the support they need to embrace their pets as responsible homes. Attendees will also have an opportunity to tour Berkeley Animal Care Services, hear about their policies and pick the brains of both BR and BACS staff. And we're serving lunch, too ... Our mamas raised us up right, you know!

Thanks to the generosity of Animal Farm Foundation, there will be free transportation to and from the hotel and Berkeley, where you'll be greeted by up to 50 dogs and their handlers. The dogs you'll see represent a variety of behaviors and backgrounds - but more importantly, you'll see Berkeley-style solutions at their best. You might even sneak a peek at some of those former Michael Vick dogs (they always seem to show up at the best parties).

We hope you decide to attend this Open House along with the many wonderful presentations that will be rolled out at the conference. As expected, this opportunity is limited to SAWA Conference attendees only. The public is invited to see the same at one of our Open Houses - dates to be announced.

We're grateful to the board and conference organizers of SAWA for providing such a wonderful venue for animal welfare professionals to share their ideas and experiences.
For more info, check out the SAWA Conference Brochure.


Dianne said...

This is very tempting. I'd love to mix with the Bad Rap pits, and I'd love to talk with Emily Weiss as we use some of her research to work with our dogs.

I see there ismention of a satellite location in Bethesda, MD a close in 'burb of DC. Know anything about that?

Donna said...

Hi Dianne - We're determined to get you out here sooner or later! I'm not sure about the MD event. SAWA moves its annual conference around, but I don't know where they've decided to land in 2012 yet. For your purposes, I'm thinking either an AFF or BR internship/camp would serve your interests the best. I think you're the type that likes to get her hands dirty.

Dianne said...

Thank you Donna that made me smile. I'm determined to get out to Oakland as my friend Lincoln has curated a couple of exhibits at the museum and is working on Country Joe's portfolio. Let's take this off line, have the appropriate person email me at

Yes I get my hands and feet dirty and I do shots too.

Anonymous said...

This really made me smile :)
Thank you for this sharing Dona!

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