Monday, September 05, 2011

Free Support for Good Samaritans

A chance meeting with the wonderful Corinne and a dog she saved from the streets reminded us how important it is to support Good Samaritans with training help and general support. We don't generally advertise this service openly, but "Lady's" happy story reminded me to put this out there...

That is, if you live in the SF bay area and find a lost pit bull type dog on the streets, our trainers will support you with free classes in our weekend Pit Ed classes should circumstances allow you to foster her rather than take her to the shelter. All we ask is that you do your due diligence first: File a "Found Dog" report with your local Animal Control, then show us a photo-copy of the notice along any flyers you've posted as proof that you're working to reunite the dog with her owner. We'll help you get a free spay or neuter if and when you gain ownership of the dog from the city.

So often, that little bit of support makes all the difference in a dog's survival. Corinne was never able to locate her foundling's former home and then couldn't find a suitable adopter. She was overwhelmed by her initial behavior with other dogs, and after Lady did a quick stint in her local shelter, was told by animal control staff that she wasn't kenneling well enough to stick around.

And so they came to Pit Ed, very discouraged but determined. After enjoying impressive success with building new manners, Lady went on to earn her Canine Good Citizen certification. As you can probably guess, this orphan found a home for keeps with Corinne, thanks in part to her improved manners. We like to think they were always meant to be together. Corinne brought us a bottle of champagne on the day Lady earned her CGC ... The bubbly and happy ending never tasted so sweet.

Motivated Good Samaritans sure enough make the world a better place. If you're one of the good guys trying to help a dog in need, contact us here: Found Dog.
More info if you've found a stray and aren't sure what to do: Help for Strays


Bren Lee said...

That's a really awesome program! I wish they showed similar support in my area! Great job!

Christina said...

Lovely pics -- Lady is so attentive to Corinne in that first photo. Well done, everyone!

Rockster1039 said...

Aww, I love the first picture. Lady's looking up at her with so much love <3

Anonymous said...

Corinne is an amazing woman of strength and character, a great gardener, friend, and neighbor. What a lovely story sharing her talent for caring and training dogs!