Friday, November 26, 2010

foster dog bandwidth

Because you need more excuses to graze the Internet, in the tradition of the Vick Dog Blog, here are three new blogs from dogs that are currently in our program, written by their foster homes. These have been such a fun way for us to share the dogs' progress as well as remember how far they've come as the weeks tick by.
Robin - a recent intake from an Ohio case.

Chunk - also from the Ohio case.

Winnie - our new favorite diva, from Florida.

Two of our locally rescued dogs are about to get their own little spot on the Internet too, so stay tuned. Below, Robin exploring the brave new world of dog beds and stuffy toys.


J.M. said...

"..written by their foster homes"


You can`t ruin it for me.
I believe,I believe.

I hope Tater Tot gets to write one.
I can only imagine.

Levi said...

I just made them all my new furiends and will be following their journeys! Thanks for the introdogtion :)

Donna said...

oh lordy, J.M. ... a blog from Tater would be most interesting.
his first few entries would be a series of S.O.S. notes.
shoulda, coulda.

One voice counts said...

Thank you for giving us three more ways to start the day with a slow down, a settle, and a smile. Make that smiles. Beautiful. All you guys.

Anonymous said...

Oh No! More reason to read about the dogs of Bad Rap??? Just what I needed - well, wanted!


Lynn in N. Cal

Wendal said...

That has got to be the cutest face I've seen lately.

Pip said...

Jeez, Badrap, I swear these pups are getting cuter by the day! I want to take all three of them home.

Stephanie said...

What a sweet face. You guys are amazing!!! Thank you from all us pittie lovers/owners for helping people to see the reall pit bull!