Wednesday, November 24, 2010

giving thanks

Counting our blessings today and appreciating the support, the inspiration, the army of helpers who help shoulder the load, the little miracles that come along just in time - and especially - the lessons learned from these impossibly generous creatures.

Have a safe and gentle holiday with you and yours.

Photo: Cruelty case survivor 'Chunk' asking me to slow down just a bit and sink in. Thank you Chunk.


J.M. said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
I think someone is giving you the "I love you and thank you" look.
I hope Joy Boy is starting to give you the same look or is he still pouting?
BTW does Joy Boy have a real name?

Donna said...

J.M. - Joy Boy made a little appearance on our facebook page tonite. His name is Tater Tot (and 'Pouter' is his middle name. lol)

who wouda thunk it?? said...

donna, I have some flyer miles I could donate. I will email you for instructions

Jennifer Hart said...

Chunk is so handsome!

One voice counts said...

Beautiful post. Sweet CHUNK -- Such a beautiful face. Wise little guy. Good advice, CHUNK. Namaste

Dianne said...

He has the same look we see on Ohio dog Pierce. His den mate went HOME and he looked so sad we went in and sat on the Karunda bed with him.