Sunday, January 17, 2010

BOOYA! Twelve new CGC stars strut their stuff

Today was a BRILLIANT day for dog owners who've been working for weeks to prep their dogs for our winter AKC Canine Good Citizen Program exam. (Link: CGC Info)

Twelve of thirteen dogs passed! Right: A very happy Seam with her brand new CGC star, Rio.

There were as many happy tears and hugs as there were smiles. CGC Tester Jenny is thankfully tough and holds the bar high for handlers, so passing the exam under her watchful eye is well-earned and extra sweet.

I think we might've even spied Coach Linda (left) shedding a tear or two as she watched her pupils step through the testing. She knows better than anyone how hard some have worked to shine up one or more parts of the test.

Included in the happy crowd were the proud owners of former Vick dogs Ernie and Teddles!

Ted (Right) nearly passed his exam last year, but a scary train rattled by and knocked him off his game. A year in his new home with a devoted adopter seems to have made all the difference; Teddles barely noticed the train that rumbled right on by the testing grounds today and together, they passed the exam. Way to go Cindy and Ted!

Ernie's mom Sasha (Left) jumped some hurdles herself getting ready for the test. Her dorky boy used to spin and spazz and bark at other dogs in his early days with BR. But her calm, steady perseverance paid off and today Ernie is a brand new dog. They waltzed through the exam today like old pros and our hearts soared for them.

Another dog that got us cheering was Frida -- Frida!

She breezed through the exam with her lady Yvette like she was born doing obedience. I only wish we had video of how naughty this Sassafras used to be in Pit Ed class way back when. Frida is a shining example of why people with leash-reactive pit bulls need not give up hope.

A hardy thank you to Linda for volunteering so much of your time to help dogs reach their potential and thanks also to Jenny for testing the dogs. We're so proud of every dog/person who took the test today. You're all heroes to us.

For the full scoop, check our Hall of Fame page in a few days to see the names and photos of the new CGC Stars. Below, Chui with Bob the Dog helps Clover show off her dog/dog manners as Judge Jenny looks on.


Unknown said...

Congratulations to all (almost). Great stories, especially Ted's. My little Chiweenie sis is going to attempt the exam and I find it a bit funny.

J.M. said...

Congratulations to all.They were all stars before but now they have the paperwork to prove it.
And a special,special congrats to Frida.
And to Dog #13,keep up the good work,you`ll get it next time.

The Foster Lady said...

Yes Donna, you need some before and after photos....and videos! Especially for dogs like Fa-Fa-Fa- Frida. This was a dog you had on the 'tipping point' back in the day and look at her now! Great news! Well done pibbles!

Molly said...

A heartfelt congratulations to all!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all! Frida brings tears to my eyes. Wonderful to see her doing so well. What a great support system you have going there!

Junebug said...

This is such a wonderful community of support and encouragement- thanks to Linda, Donna, Tim and the whole gang. I swear Clover knows she passed the test and is trying to live up to the CGC name every day now! ;)

Donna said...

Your Hall of Fame photo is one of my all time favs, Jonna. Congrats again and thank you for showing the rest of the world how it's done!

Elizabeth Kennedy said...

Congrats to you all! Great to see Rio in there and gosh Frida looks so happy I might just have gotten a little teary. Man, that little rapscallion's come a long way.