Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Remembering the Good Guys

One of the best parts of our job is meeting people who swim against the current to help nearly forgotten animals in their corners. In so many cases, those people are shelter workers who work to help those ostracized pit bulls without the cushion of a supportive community. (We are so spoiled in the SF bay area!) BR's sister organization - Partners in Shelter Services - has identified three diehards who went above and beyond to make positive change during tough times in 2009. Because it was the year of the bust dog, It just so happens that all worked to help the victims of cruelty in their shelters.

Congratulations Jennifer Cummings (Claremore OK), Laurie Adams (Indianapolis IN) and Gloria Wheatley (Washington GA).
NEWS: Recognition Awards for Outstanding Shelter Work in 2009
Each award winner will receive $1000 to be used to help the pit bulls in their shelters. We're proud to know them and look forward to watching the ripple effect that they've put into motion through their words and deeds.

A Benefit Show This Sunday, Nov 8 in Sacto

Keith Campos and his bandmates came to our rescue in a big way in the spring of '07 when our emergency medical fund for the dogs was running on fumes. They did a benefit show for BR at Gilman Street with four other bands that got us right on our feet again and showed everyone how much heart the punk rock community has for pit bulls.

We were flattened to learn that Keith's life was cut short in a violent crime recently. His friends are grieving in the way they know best: They're putting on a big show to honor their buddy. Keith was a fellow pit bull owner and a big supporter, so all proceeds from the show will benefit the BR dogs. We hope they have a huge turn out and that Keith is there in spirit to celebrate a good life lived large. One thing we know for sure, they will play their hearts out at this show. SHOW INFO

Keith Campos Memorial Show This Sunday, November 8 from 2-8pm at the Casa de Chaos in Sacto. Contributing bands: Secretions, Planetary Ruins, Dissident Aggressor, Rat Damage, Psychosomatic, and Magi-Kool Doods. Contact Ken Fury for more info:


leigha said...

how tragic that such a kind man met such a violent end. it looks like he made quite an impact during the time he was here though.

it's always comforting to see so many kind souls have such a soft spot for pitties. if i was anywhere near that area i would love to attend the show. i will look for updates on here though.

leigha said...

by the way donna, just an fyi, the headline says show is nov 3 in sacto. but the details at the bottom say the 8th. i guess the date of the 3rd is a typo, just wanted to let ya know.

Donna said...

Yikes! thanks Leigha. My brain is fuzzy with the flu today.

Dianne said...

I googled the news stories - what a shock. It's always hard to deal with a violent death of an aquaintance (Chandra Levy was my neighbor). I hope they make lots of money and that you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor Donna! Hope you feel better soon, and that the concert makes big bucks!


Kirsten said...

R.I.P. Keith-- I googled the story, too. What a tragic situation for all involved. Kudos to his friends for remembering him in style. I hope the fundraiser/send-off is a great success.

And congrats to the partners in Shelter Services Award recipients!

Unknown said...

Keith is my brother and I think this would have made him happy. I will always miss him. I am glad to see how many people care about him who did not even know him.
Keith was a warrior who always lived each day to its fullest he will be missed by all who knew him. His dogs will miss him too.

Karla S. said...

Kasey - I only 'knew' Keith through a couple of online forums, but had a great amount of respect for him. My heart goes out to you and the rest of your family for your loss. Will the pups be ok?