Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whoa. Sc-c-cary!

This image of a newscaster announcing a GA town's search for better dog laws gets our vote as the scariest News- Graphic-that- Exploits-Pit-Bulls
that we've seen this year.  *Shudder*

Did she pull her safari jacket out just for this broadcast? Fetching. And why is that dog glowing neon? Some stations just gotta whip it up...Nevermind that the impetus for this story (a dog-dog attack) had absolutely nothing to do with pit bulls. Way to hype, WALB News!

If you have a scary news graphic that needs to be adored this Halloween season, please share! Big points for unnatural color schemes, creative hairstyles and theme-appropriate outfits.
Nice one! 

Thanks Sarah Williams of of True Blood and VAMPIRE PIT BULLS. Bwaaahaha. I'll never look at my dogs the same way again!

Obligatory Sound Effects

On a Better Note - Pit Bull Awareness Day
It's catching on all over the country. Kudos to Bless the Bullys and ROVERlution for getting it started. We look forward to seeing happy reports as news of celebratory events pop up on our Google alerts.


Anonymous said...

Here in upstate New York we are embracing Pit Bull Awareness Day with a "Kiss-A-Bull" kissing booth in collaboration with a doggy boutique called Sloppy Kisses (get it?) in Saratog Springs. The booth will be run by three TDI-certified therapy dog pit bulls (and their people, of course) whose main objective will be to give slobbery kisses to supporters and skeptics, alike. We will be sure to take lots of pics and vids and send them your way! Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

That news announcer is scary! Nice hair!! If only she knew the real truth I bet she would change her mind in a heart beat. What would the news do if she were in fact a pitbull owner? would she still get to do the story? I bet she wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think that the article itself is so full of mistakes! Letting your kids leave the gate open so that your dogs-who have escaped before- can get out and follow a cyclist is problem numeber one. Problem number two is of course the chained dog. How is that not considered animal cruelty too? My little girl got out of our fenced in yard once. Little booger hooped the gate. Guess what? We paid to have the front of the fence brought up, end of problem. Luckily, she ended up at a very nice neighbor's house that kept her until he got a hold of me. As far as the safari jacket...I just might be speechless. Maybe part of her Halloween costume? Perhaps a fan of Steve Irwin? At least he wore his safari jacket because he was realy working with animals. Instead of banning dogs, let's ban stupid people-and safari jackets.


Anonymous said...

Can't forget the infamous 1987 Sports Illustrated "Beware of this Dog" cover that some credit with causing the bully breeds to come to the attention of those who would do them harm.

Anonymous said...

Hey off topic but..
Vote for Ruby the Therapy Pit Bull for Milk Bone Spokes Dog

Wouldn`t it be great to have a Pit Bull on that Milk Bone Box!

Then we`ll work on getting Newman a $100,000 contract with a Clicker Company.

When can we expect that new video Newman?

Anonymous said...

I wish they would do a survey with people that are pro BSL and anti-pit bull to see if they have actually spent any time with one or if all their fear is due to the media's sterotypes.

I cannot stand ignorant people!