Friday, October 10, 2008

Hey, Sailor!

Every birthday deserves a good bulldog card. This one's at Barnes & Noble right now. Created by Sunrise Greetings.


Anonymous said...

How cute.
That might be a good idea for BadRap dogs.
Greeting cards or even cards that kids could collect like the sports cards found in bubblegum.
I would love to send out cards(for every occasion) with BadRap dogs.
They could be left blank inside so they could be used for Birthdays,Xmas,etc,etc.
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

AAHHH! That looks so much like my Lemonhead, I'm gonna go grab a stack tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Love those vintage pictures of pit bulls! I will look for it next time I'm in B&N. Animal Farm Foundation has some great vintage posters, I bought two for my husband and had them framed as a Xmas gift last year. They're are now hanging in his office at work. Goes to show you how at one time the pit bull was a treasured family pet.

Boris said...

B'day + "f&b pc" so celebration w posting:

Missed chiming in seeing my 'baby picture' on HadRap and wishing for smell-net on butt pics.

This one reminds me of my year-ago ride to/w forever home folks. Could be a rescue from Hurricane too? BTW my head looks like IT has helmet built in?

So much to be thankful for and so limited resources to give back. Renewing my drive to push 7 man-years of action into 1 bully-year. A big 'stretch-bow' (which I do on command) to all the gang. CGC here we come.

To Anny -"how cute":
my OEL collecting photos and drafted a demo-set of Notecards to raise money for BadRap. A Pibble pic on front with an insert on back of their coat markings (like my check). Maybe "Bull-Mark" cards will appear for sale at next Tuff-Love gala (Feb 09?).

So Get-Out & find those GOOD TIME's. Pibble behavior logic - find one opening to get your way then sneak in to claim/promote it. Could start with one Big-headed-Bubba going to Houston inspiring a gang of 12 rescue, a saving Stella D'roit, AP Vic special, maybe a Maimi Vice Vikie? ... Just make sure to bark loudest and WAG HARDEST when your seeing things making you HAPPY.

Check Back, Boris

Anonymous said...

Have you been drinking?

I think it`s your birthday..have a good one and I`m going back to decipher the rest.

[quote]Maybe "Bull-Mark" cards[/quote]

Love that idea.You`ll put that other company out of business.