Wednesday, October 01, 2008

OH NO! Wallace! And AP re-runs.

Phooey!! Roo & Clara's disk champ Wallace decided to get in the media for a new kind of adventure this week. A spatula snack lost him a chance at the Purina Dog Challenge, but earned him alotta love from a whole lotta well wishers. OUCH! - News .... Rest up, Buddy. There's always next year.

Animal Planet is showing re-runs of the Animal Witness Vick Case special Friday & Sat nights. Schedule ....The show did really well, ranking as AP's highest debut ever (stats) with over 1.1 million viewers the first night. Huh. We're discussing a follow up with them now.

Lovin' the View!
Oh joy! October is my favorite month in BR's Exposed Calendar. If you bought this issue, you get a little peek into the private life of Tim starting today. heh. We're getting our 2009 calendar together now, but it may be hard to outdo this celebrated view of Honky Tonk and his favorite human.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine keeping this fella on bed rest or semi bed rest for a few weeks?
Speedy recovery Wallace for the sake of your human family.
Does he howl or cry much when he can`t be active?
This could be a trying few weeks.

Pip said...

Poor Wallace! His site was the very first pit bull site I ever visited. But grats to the STL paper on the nice article.

Anonymous said...

Darn those spatula manufacturers for making their products look so tasty! My best to Wallace for a speedy recovery....and wishes of "peace" to his family while they help him get through this all.

Anonymous said...

Speedy recovery to Wallace and does anyone in one of these 2 pictures have the nickname Sweet Cheeks?

Anonymous said...

Please give us a hint at Tim's October pose!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard how Wallace(and Roo and family) are doing?
You know we still love Wallace even if he couldn`t compete.
He`s our Champ no matter what.