Friday, August 15, 2008

Good Friday

This is John Glionna of the Los Angeles Times, sharing his notes with our Honky Tonk last month. John wrote a sweet article on BR that landed in today's paper. He and Honky seemed to speak the same language, which took the pressure off of us. Being interviewed is nerve-wracking, especially when it's about a topic that's as multi-layered as the State of the Pit Bull Nation. We'd hoped that John's cool hair and relaxed vibe would translate into a story that was low on hype and big on happy, and he certainly gifted us with both. Thanks, John.
Los Angeles Times Article

These big smiles are meant for all the pit bulls that just passed their AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) exams. Linda Chwistek (left) spends a good chunk of her week helping pit bull owners prep their dogs so they can join the Pit Bull Hall of Fame. Jennie Keifer (right) was good enough to test a group of the dogs last weekend. Twenty five dogs have been added to our Fame page. That's crazy good! Congrats to everyone who tested!

We have to applaud the Humane Society of Utah for this wonderful story about their own CGC program. In this age of breed discrimination, putting a CGC on a pit bull is big: It opens doors to rentals, insurance policies and it calms the nerves of naysayer neighbors and mother-in-laws. If you've been thinking about shining up your dog's halo, one of the easiest, most gratifying things you can do is prep him for the CGC exam. Do it! If you're in the SF bay area and your dog has his or her basics pretty well worked out, contact Coach Linda for an appt. to eyeball your dog.

Below is quik-vid of Teddles showing Judge Jennie how cool he is in a crowd situation. He's supposed to stay loose on his leash and avoid jumping up on anyone. He sailed through this test, but a loud train rattled by and he wasn't able to concentrate on his sit-stay well enough to pass the whole exam (Ted's afraid of trains). Better luck next time, buddy.

Jonny Justice here (who passed his CGC exam btw!) is contemplating Eva in her chair. One of the tests involves a distraction, typically a wheeled distraction like a stroller to gauge a dog's ability to stay chill when presented with moving objects.

We're blessed to have Eva's help in our CGC Prep Classes. When she's not distracting the crew, she flirts with the dogs on the sidelines and lets them investigate her chair. Chair-shy dogs are encouraged to find treats tucked on her wheels and lap. It doesn't take long for dogs to say, "Yum! That chair is my ticket to Happy!"


weecyn said...

You not only had a positive article in the LA Times, you made the FRONT PAGE of the print edition. So, so, so awesome. People are paying attention. Woot!

Boris said...

Hey crew a big play-bow & Woof for all this great press.

Honky - listen-up, we all knew that your other senses compensated in that you're smart, good judge of character, and lap-o-licous. Now, we see you can read and you were a big help in writing the great LA Times article (letting Mr. John have the byline shows great humility too).

Paws in the air - for all those Fame Pibbles, Ms. Linda, Ms. Jennie and all the OELs that made it possible. I'm jealous of the attention and my Tx lady would realy 'dress-up' those hall pictures. So no more waiting for the heat to break, that could be awhile. We just have to get after our lessons. My OEL is looking forward to playing crowd for Linda's Prep Class on his next visit.

Godparents Donna & Tim,
You can't get enough positive attention for all the good things you are doing. One important point comes through between the line and reflected in the PBH of Fame. You build quality and greatness at both ends-of-leash. It is the inspiration and training of the other-end from us pups (OEL)that you and your team should get special recognition.

Check-back, Boris

Anonymous said...

Hooray for positive press and all those CGCs. This gives me hope that my Mesa will be able to pass (and we may be able to take the BAD RAP CGC class :))

Anonymous said...

That article is great. Good for y'all !!! It was nice to see your work Tim. The rocker of Sally is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

What a great article! We give it 4 paws up! Tim, your rocker is AMAZING! Those of us with small children and pit bulls would love to get our hands on one of those! You should really consider selling them. You are extremely talented, not only with your art, but with the huge heart that you and Donna show for these great dogs. Our family thanks you for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a terrific article, and what great news about those CGCers. It's so timely. I've spent most of the day fuming over a below-the-belt insult someone tossed at my APBT, Violet. During a walk, she and I stopped to chill in the shade. She was leashed and lying at my feet when a woman with a Golden Retriever gave me and Vi an earful. I was stunned, and I didn't have a chance to get a word in edgewise. I have a M.A. in Rhetoric but was left tongue-tied and gaping at the bile and the tremor of rage in this woman's voice.

To my surprise, I was also FURIOUS. It was the first serious insult toward my dog and I guess I just wasn't prepared for how visceral my action felt. Violet was beaten, starved, and then abandoned. She was was so terrified of people when I first met her that she would poop and pee on herself when someone approached her. But she never bit, and she never growled, so several wonderful people at the shelter and then the rescue believed in her despite her apparent hopelessness and gave her the rarest of gifts: a chance.

She's come a loooong way since then, and the human race really doesn't deserve her kisses, her bully grin, or her trust, but she gives it in spades. She's also really, really cute. How dare this woman insult her?

Anyway, I will stop ranting ... now. The point that I'm flailing around, trying to get at, is that articles like this, people like Donna, Tim, Linda Chwistek, Jennie Keifer, Eva, and John Glionna make me happy in a way that few things do. And when Violet and I pass the CGC test, I'll at least be able to shout "But she's got a CGC title!" at retreating naysayers. In the meantime, I'll be at home developing a thicker skin.

Kirsten said...

Wow-- an article about pit bulls and the people who love them that is straight up and free of lame disclaimers and stereotypes. Woo hoo! So nice to see the dogs (and you guys) get the credit you deserve.
'...naysaying mother-in-laws'... I hear that. Dan's mom has been slow to warm to the idea of a future pittie granddog. But then, she hasn't met him/her yet. :)

Anonymous said...

One of the proudest moments of my whole life was the day Ruadh earned (and I do mean EARNED) his CGC. Kudos on this latest slew o' dogs to earn the title!

Anonymous said...

Donna and Tim,

What a stunning and magnificent article.
I just want to thank you for all the hard work you do on behalf of this noble breed!! kudos to you both, and could you possibly provide an update on Homer??? I hope he is adjusting well in the new Ambassador Dog Project.


Donna said...

And we thank everyone for your good vibes. We'd fall flat in a quick second without that support.

W - Homer is adjusting, but ever the Project Dog. I'll do a little update very soon.

chelsea ... have you sent your thug confession in yet?

Anonymous said...

Does the Jennie gal realize how great of an ass she has? Totally off topic, but I figured it's something she may need to know that she hasn't heard enough.. you like dogs and you have a killer body? I think I'm in love.