Friday, August 22, 2008

Add another CGC Star to the list

Congrats to Roo, Clara and Inspector Hector for passing the Canine Good Citizen exam. Hector is on his way to Therapy Dog fame soon. We just love watching this dog's progress from afar. Photo: The Minnesota Mavericks at home.

Roo has a side-stitch worthy post on the Vick Dog Blog today written in the voice of Hector. It seems someone's been working VERY hard to earn his kibble at home. Thanks for the smiles, guys. Me Too, Me Too!!!


Anonymous said...

Is Wallace taking the picture? Boris OEL

Anonymous said...

Great job Hector! We are all so proud of you!! You just keep spreading the love with that big bully smile of yours.

Just a thought, has BR thought of doing a Vick dogs calendar? I would buy one for everyone I know, including my mother-in-law who is still afraid of wiggle butts. What a great way not only to raise money, but to raise awareness that not all fight dogs are "ticking time bombs".

Hector baby, I can't stop smiling!

The Ucci family loves you, Buddy!

Anonymous said...

Can you just imagine if they put Wallace in charge of the Video Cam!
Congrats to all.
If only Hector and the rest could talk for just 5 minutes but I think that grin pretty well says it all.
My heart bursts with joy just looking at him so I imagine his heart is bursting with joy.
I second that Calendar idea.Would love to have 1 or 10.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Roo and Hector. That boy is really going to shine and help change the public perception of this wonderfull breed.

As a side note, Colleen Lynn( has taken her hateful propaganda machine to youtube and is using the tragic death of a girl in Alaska to further her "cause".

Please, go to:

and leave a comment of disapproval for her using such a sad story for personal gain. At a time when pitties are finally being given a fair shake, we can't let some wack job like her try and thwart the progress that has been made.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn`t give her,her site or that video the traffic.

All I see and hear from her is that she doesn`t care about the victims of other Breeds/types of dogs.

According to NCRC there have been 8 Breeds/types involved in fatalities in Alaska.

Where are their videos?
This is a sick woman with an agenda,nothing more.
Intelligent people can see that.
Her goal is to be destructive rather than constructive.
That is why it is SO important to support the people who are truly educating(BadRap,AFF & others) and doing REAL research like Karen(Pit Bull Placebo)

Anonymous said...

Someone had posted AFF(Truth) and NCRC(Facts) on that video.
It seems that was bothering someone.It was removed and now comments are being screened.
So much for wanting people to be informed in order to prevent similar tragedies.
That says it all in a nutshell.
Ms DogBite is a NUTCASE! said...

If only every dog had a "voice" that everyone could understand.

Anonymous said...

i have two bullies i love them to death i got one as a gift for my husben he is now 2y old my other one was a throwaway she was 8weeks
and 5.lbs i did not think she was going to make that night she is now 17mos old

Anonymous said...

You should read the comment by KoryNDenver(Wonder who that is??) on that video.
Absolutely NO one can comment unless you agree with these people.
Aren`t they living in the wrong Country?

Anonymous said...

Where's Wallace? I am so happy for Hector!

Anonymous said...

Here he is

This boy is too busy to sit for a family photo!

Doesn`t this just make you grin ear to ear and feel like your heart is going to burst with joy!

Светлана Новикова said...

Thank you! Old article but usefull!

All my love for you!