Monday, August 25, 2008

Favorite response from Animal Planet mail

We're overwhelmed by Animal Planet-related mail tonight....Heeelp!
But, how can we complain? A favorite email:
I watched Animal Planet last night. You guys have changed my stereotypical opinion of Pit Bulls. The comment Tim made about handling 3000 Pit Bulls and never being bitten amazed me. If I handled 3000 of ANY dog, I'd figured that I'd have been bitten at least once! Great story! Great show! P.S. Has Donna been bitten by a Pit Bull? - Joe Wilson
Ha! Answer: Yes, once. My fault. No damage, but giving up my bragging rights hurt worse than the big yellow bruise I took on my thigh. Ouch.

The Animal Planet Show is now ONLINE
....And, Forrest the Denver Dog is SAVED
Thanks for the news, Colorado Pit Bull Rescue!


Kirsten said...

That's awesome. No Animal Planet for us low tech kids down under, but I'm sooo glad the show went down well and changed a few hearts and minds.

Anonymous said...

That`s a great letter.
Shows that there are MANY(hopefully) people who are open minded when shown the truth and the true character and temperament of Pits.
Good for the letter writer.
I`ve been bitten by both a German Shepherd and a Dobe and while a bad experience tends to make you wary,an intelligent person looks at the circumstances surrounding the bite and you learn from it,you don`t bash Breeds and demand death for all or even the deaths of the individual dogs who bit.
When dogs can speak,THEN maybe we can punish them for biting. said...

I must have missed this...will it reair?

Anonymous said...

To: Tim, Donna and Badrap, you all came across loud and clear in a very positive way on Sunday night AP show. Thank you for doing what you all do.

Anonymous said...

You mean it let go after "locking" on and you lived to tell about it.
Can you just imagine that non incident retold by the Media and the comments that would follow said story?

Donna said...

kirsten, I just posted a link to the show. it's online....if you don't mind watching it in a smaller format with lots of distracting graphics surrounding it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad this story got told. It did anger me that they talked to PETA, since they are so anti-pit bull. Hopefully though the public will see that the pit bulls are really the victim here!

Unknown said...

Donna and Tim: Your interviews were wonderful, down to earth, honest reflections - I loved it!

I could have done w/o the stock footage of dog fights.

And great news about Forrest. It's one small victory in a sea of misery and sadness for pit bulls in Denver.

Anonymous said...

Yay Forrest! I absolutely agree with everyone that when we are trying to make these points, and write these letters, we have to be absolutely calm and professional about it, or we are perpetuating the stereotype of the Pit Bull owner. If being a bully mom makes me a thug then so be it. I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. And guess what? She doesns't eat kids! Only bathes them with her big slobbery tongue.

By the way Rinalia, my girl looks like the mirror image of your baby! My husband couldn't believe it! Beautiful dog you have there!

Donna and Tim, keep doing what you do, because you are both amazing!

By the way

Anonymous said...

By the way Donna, my husband makes fun of me and calls BadRap my internet porn because I am literally on your site at least twice a day. Hey, how else am I gonna get my family the best t-shirts ever!

TP said...

Great work by you guys. As people who are fairly new to this world it was great to watch.

Anonymous said...

Is there any other place online to view the full show? The current link cites the video as "no longer available" and nerds like me don't have a TV. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Did you read the comments on that show link(has been removed)!!

Holy crapola!

I must live a sheltered life!!

It`s not the dogs that need to be assessed.
It`s many humans(?)

What has happened to this world!

Kirsten said...

Comments were frightening!... I too was too late and missed the link. :/
...But yay, Forrest!

who wouda thunk it?? said...

I wanted to thank you again for the immense help you were to me with my boy pit. I saw you last night on the Michael Vick story on Animal Planet. I was so impressed that given the scope of your work, that you took the personal attention for us. Thank you for your dedication, and the wonderful work you and your volunteers did in saving the lives of so many wonderful dogs. Thank you also, for bringing to light the true nature of the breed. I don't think I can ever NOT have one in my household !
Although it was a very hard program to watch ( I had to look away many times), the progress you helped make on those animals was a true testament to the intellect of the breed , and your team's dedication.
Fantastic job!!!
Joanne Jaimedes

Kirsten said...

Looks like the show is back online. I'll admit I watched the first 15 minutes or so w/ my eyes closed and Dan saying "OK, you can look again". But the positive message in there still came across loud and clear. Your interviews were very centering after all that chaotic footage... the dogs and their rescuers came across very, very well. :)