Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pit Bull is his co-pilot

Pit Bull Pilot Design 2 Ringer TSome of you may have seen this pit bull t-shirt on the Bad Rap shop.

We love vintage photos of pit bulls, and this particular photo is from Horatio Nelson Jackson's famous 1903 cross-country journey - the first cross-country journey taken via automobile. Bud the pit bull was his co-pilot, as was Sewall K. Crocker, a young mechanic. Bud became more than a travel companion for these two; he was the true gentleman of the bunch, for, as his owner noted, Bud was "the one member of our trio who used no profanity on the entire trip."

I was reminded of this journey when I ran across a blog written by another pit bull owner with serious wanderlust. Ara is traveling the country via motorcyle, and his pit bull Spirit - traveling via sidecar - is his co-pilot. They've been on the road for about 3 months now.

Spirit's blissed-out look in this pic sums up their ongoing trip - open road, open skies, and nothing but adventure ahead.

That's one lucky dog.

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