Friday, September 21, 2012

Lessons from the Front Lines

Things we've learned on our way to helping the dogs. Photos below from our recent public outreach event in West Oakland, facilitated in partnership with the East Bay Rats Motorcyle Club and Well Pet Vet Clinic. Huzzah!

Lesson One: To really help some of our community's neediest dogs, it's better to go to the community rather than wonder why they aren't coming to us.

Lesson Two:

Listening gets you farther than talking. 

BADRAP team member Anita Joe is learning why this gentleman is unsure about spay/neuter as a healthy option for his dogs. 

By listening and then by helping him with what he will accept for his dogs (vaccinations, training advice, nail trim), we can get much more done than if we stood around preaching. Agree?

Lesson Three

Do not judge. 

Scary dog living on a chain with an insensitive owner? Wrong! 

We met this dog - named Hero - at our recent public outreach event. His owner was forced to move into Section 8 housing that does not allow dogs. His caretaker is a Good Samaritan who told us the man cried his eyes out at their good-bye. The chain leash? No big deal. We happily exchanged it for a better leash, neutered the dog and gave him his vaccinations. 

Some things are easy to fix compared to the hard stuff.

Lesson Three: 

Do not discriminate. 

We don't turn away non-pit bulls during our outreach work. This little guy (who belongs to the gentleman in the first photo) is getting a badly needed nail trim.

Lesson Four. 

Helping people help their dogs is as All American as the breed we love.


Jennie Bailey said...

Thanks for the PAWSOME (sorry, had to) lessons! You do great work - and many could learn from these lessons. I always look forward to your updates from your clinics as well as all the pictures of the gorgeous pups!

Anonymous said...

Great lessons to learn. Nicely stated.

who wouda thunk it?? said...

LOVE the last pic, it is calendar-worthy!!

The Pit Bull Princess said...

Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us so that we can implement in our communities. You are an amazing organization and resource!

Joan said...

Definitely great information. Thanks for all you do Bad Rap. Keep up the great work.

Adrian Meli said...

Had not seen your blog before, but I saw a link from another site and thought this post was especially great and very helpful-thanks for posting. I think lesson 2 is especially important as we should not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Better to find common ground and make some progress rather than none at all.

Lindsay said...

Very useful advice for everyone involved in animal rescue. It is way too easy to judge, way too easy to get angry and turn people away. Listening and open communication without judgement can go such a long way for helping the dogs and the owners.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to comment that my daughter recently found a pit bull puppy literally at the side of the road. She was 7 weeks old, skin-and-bones, and of course, full of worms. I already had two other dogs (rescues, as well), and when my daughter brought this sweet puppy home to me, what could I say? She had already named her "Lola" by the time she walked in the door. Lola is now 6 1/2 months old and doing fantastically well. We love her and she is just another member of our family! Kudos to this Pit Bull Foundation and to the hard work that you put into saving these lovely animals.
Cindy T. - Beaufort, SC