Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pit Ed Announcement: A quick break, then back to SATURDAYS!

... and NO CLASS this weekend!

Muggy and Lola's sweet mugs are a steady fixture on the sidelines of Pit Ed classes, always wearing those classic "Woe is me" faces and luring visitors over to get them some lovin' while their person stays busy teaching two back to back training classes. Smart dogs!

Their person Donyale is a popular instructor with the steady stream of new dog handlers that file in each week. She's got a knack for helping people learn their beginning skills with her down to earth style, her endless enthusiasm and happy sense of humor. Donyale understands how new handlers feel - She started out as a shelter volunteer herself, taking Berkeley shelter dogs through class and helping them get adopted. She showed so much natural ability that we snagged her for a new role as class instructor for the Beginner and Novice Drop In classes and we've been humming along ever since.

Class members may not always realize that Donyale comes to a good number of classes right off of a 48 shift at her 'real' job. She's a SF fire fighter and does a lot of shift trading so she can be there for the dogs on Saturday mornings, with or without a full night's sleep. A true pit bull junkie - she painted Muggy and Lola on her station helmet to keep their bully spirits near when she's on the job.


We're taking a tiny break, so there will be NO classes - No Pit Ed and No CGC Class this weekend, October 2.

Starting Next Weekend - to accommodate Donyale's work schedule - we're switching our classes to Saturdays. Beginning classes will go from 10:00 - 11:00 and drop in classes will run from 11:30-12:30 am and Linda's CGC Prep Class will also switch to Saturdays - still at 11:30 - 12:30, starting October 9th.

Thanks for making note of that!

Are you on BR's Pit Ed class wait list? It's currently taking 6 months for people to get in once they register for classes. We're so sorry about the long wait! We're looking at ways to move things along so we can help you with your dog. Don't give up! Registration


Boris said...

A big Howdy to you Muggy and Lola,

Give a couple big slobber kisses to your special person for me with my family thanks for her BadRap help. A lot of bully dogs like me wouldn't be homed with out her.

I'll check back, Boris

Pam said...

Donyale has been a role model for me for years-- the way she handles her own dogs, and those she meets, often for the first time, in class is mighty impressive. A couple years back, when she was still a class member, she took some of her own personal time to help me learn the basics (it took me a while . . . ). Donyale genuinely wants the pittie-person relationship to work, for pittie, person, and the breed's reputation. I think she is the right person for the beginner class-- thanks, Donyale for sticking it out all these years when sometimes sleep probably seems like a much more enticing option after those 48 hour shifts.