Monday, September 27, 2010

the final stretch for contest photos

Can you believe it's almost October? We're closing in on our final week of the calendar photo contest, which ends next Monday on the fourth, so the next few days are going to get exciting as people strategize and jostle to position their favorite photos to the top twelve spots in the contest. There are bound to be a few surprises and upsets as now popular photos lose their seats in voting upsets, so keep you eye on that first page. If you haven't already, it's time to promote your fav page to your online friends using the links offered just to the right hand of the photo you want to see hanging on your wall next year.

If your friends are wondering what their votes are buying besides your dog's glory in our 2011 Calendar, remind them this is a fundraiser to help BR stay proactive with rescue and advocacy work in projects here at home and around the county.

An example of what votes will buy:

$15 - Buys a microchip for one dog
$50 - General vet exam for one dog
$150 - One spay/neuter surgery
$350 - Airfare to help BR get an out of state cruelty case to our Rescue Barn
$650 - Diagnostics for a dog with health concerns (this amount purchased the recent x-rays and consultations that helped Pinky Deluxe)
$1000 - Surgery for a sick dog (this amount helped remove a painful abscess from Eva Peace's mammaries)
$2500 -Spay/Neuter vouchers for 25 low income pit bull owners who attend our Shots Fairs

This is what facebook was made for! Last year, a particularly ambitious stage dad threatened to de-friend any of his fb friends that did not vote for his dog. All in good fun, but it made his friends sit up and notice his favorite cause. Thank you for supporting our work while showing the world the face of family pit bulls.

Below: Sir Walter Sunday, who we all met recently on the Today Show, is starting to nudge his way up to Calendar Fame. We're all wondering if he'll make it! Walter's contest link. Good luck to Walter and everyone else!


Anonymous said...

Monday is the 4th...Tuesday is the 5th....just sayin'

(I'm expecting this contest to get personally expensive....)


Donna said...

Opps - yep. LOL. You can tell I don't want the contest to end.

gamebred said...

look at that NOSE and that wrinkley forehead! i just want to push the nose button! *BINK*

gamebred said...

look at that NOSE and wrinkley forehead! I just want to puch the nose-button! *BINK*

who wouda thunk it?? said...

I wish I had been in the position to enter again this year, but I dont think my five votes would land Roscoe (now called Melon-Head) in the top five!

Kevin said...

Stage dad huh???? Well I never!

Donna said...

LOL ... Kevin!

Yep, majorly ambitious stage-dad. ;-)

Boris said...

O.K. chewin' the gloves off the folks. We found a great photo of Joey Reno (a.k.a. JR) and he deserves at least a month.

I'll check back on votes,
Mr. November '10

jonzak said...

Bestest story ever. Best contest ever. Best everything ever!

Anonymous said...

hi badrap,

i just put 30 votes on bentley, and i'll tell ya why. i am sick of those lab puppies we see in the j crew and land's end catalogues---aren't you? i mean, gee, i love a lab puppy as much as the next person but i would be very much more inclined to purchase my mom jeans from a company that used a lovely pittie in their adverts for a change and i think bentley and bentley's little person capture the true essence of rugged north american preppie style. such a good-looking couple. and so clean! and polite, i bet ;-) (they're canadians, eh.)

they would make a nice May, i think...

warm regards,

oxo in harlem