Friday, September 03, 2010

My Dog is Family Contest is back!

Since we're all suckers for cute dog photos, we just had to bring the My Dog is Family Photo Contest back for another round. Here are some of the shots that came in last year. Turn up the volume. Dance with your dog. Grab your camera!

It's contest, it's a fundraiser ... but beyond that, it's turned into a way for dog lovers to peek into the hearts and homes of pit bull owners around the country. This year's gallery is already full of charm and smiles - it's addictive. Please add your dog. Not just because we need your ten dollars, but because we all want a blast of your joy. Gallery

The twelve photos with the most votes will get a place in our 2011 My Pit Bull is Family Calendar. And the artsy, opinionated judges around here will pour over all the entries on October 4th and try to choose a favorite shot for the cover.


Contest ends at noon eastern standard time on October 4th, 2010 - so we have weeks of pit bull paparazzi time ahead of us. Enjoy!


Dianne said...

Egads. This is going to be very interesting. There are already nearly 100 entries and it just started yesterday! May have something to do with those 30,000+ "likes" on FB. I'll try to get some pix of our pits this weekend. Time suck is right. I really like that when you hover over the thumbnail it gives you a bigger preview. That'll save a few clicks. How much did this bring in last year? Maybe double this year...

Anonymous said...

too many photos for calendar. Must have BOOK of photos.