Monday, September 20, 2010

dissed? not. a home run for the dogs on the CBS Early Show


scargosun said...

Yay! Graet job! So good to see good press out there nationally!

Leila said...

This is what happens when people care about justice and fair reporting. Not about appearance! CBS did a great job. Everyone featured were on top of their game.

Thanks for an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

*brings a tear to my eye* this was amazingly perfect!

-tracie. said...

I recorded it this morning so I could watch it. Wonderful job!

I'm going to check out the NPR piece now.

Whew! Great media day!

-tracie. said...

I recorded it this morning so I could watch it. Great job!

I'm going to check out the NPR piece now.

Whew! Great media day!

Crystal said...

Made my day to see such a positive piece on the news for all to see! I just got my copy of The Lost Dogs today, I cant wait to read it!

Ashley said...

Wonderful reporting on the part of CBS. So glad that they were willing to show the truth behind this wonderful breed and how resilient digs can be given the right home and training.

Congrats to everyone involved!

Anonymous said...

One not-so-niggling detail, though--Vick never pleaded guilty, nor even admitted, to "animal cruelty" (or felony animal abuse). All he admitted was racketeering!

Also, she pronounced "pit BULL" funny. :)

Other than that, though? Fantastic piece! :D

Lynn (in Louisiana) said...

You looked great Donna, and it was wonderful to finally "meet" Lettie who I've admired from afar for years now. Jonny and his Dad; Hector and Roo; Frodo and that big lug Elliot geting his share of screen time! Loved it; every second. Congratulations on all you all do!!!!

who wouda thunk it?? said...

AWESOME!!!! much better than Oprah, she would have made it about her, anyway. This is SOOOO much better!!!

ingrid said...

Holy Crap! That was great!!! Hooray for CBS!!!! I mean, hooray to BADRAP and the tons of people involved in this and every other case, but really - thank you CBS. Thank you for actually doing real journalism; informing the public of the facts/truth.

This is a great post.
It makes my heart sing.

J.M. said...

Was great to see Frodo.

Don`t know if you`ve seen this but Harry wrote a commentary about his meet and greet.

"But, Hector's eyes are filled with life. His tail wags -- proof probably there are no bad dogs -- only bad owners."

I`m thinking that`s a typo and he more than likely meant to say proof positive.
Good for Harry for meeting Hector.

Lauren said...

How awesome is that?! :) I never get tired of their stories... and it is so refreshing to see it told so kindly and honestly by a major network. Great job to everyone involved!

Debi said...

Awesome piece. Great job CBS, Dr. Bell, Donna, Jim, Cris, Andrew, Uba, Frodo, Johnny, Hector, BADRAP volunteers, et al. I'm so proud of all of you. I hope Oprah and her staff get an opportunity to see this.

gamebred said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gamebred said... heart is doing cartwheels!!!!

jess said...

wait a minute. did I just develop a crush on Harry Smith? Oh god. I did.

p.s. Mazel Tov on the amazing coverage!

Boris said...

Karma - I happened to be visiting family in Cleveland, flipping channels Monday and saw a lead-in on CBS of Vick's Sunday perfomance. How great it was to see the BUT come out to introduce the story about the 50 dogs.

Great appearance for the whole gang. Donna again at her comfortable farm. Chris showing off with JJ. Letti and Uba both pro's on camera, nothing skiddesh about them. Hector upstaging (but keeping awake) yet Roo had a hard time jumping in on his chorus. His adlib comments was great "they're just dogs".

Did anyone notice, I don't remember hearing "PitBull" even ONCE, not even when introducing BadRap. Should that be strange?

Boris' OEL

jonzak said...

what a nice gain from roo's initial trip to NYC to see oprah. So nice to see mainstreamers speak w so much more knowledge and UNDERSTANDING regarding PBs.

Roo is such a selfless ambassador of our ownership, and Hector a beautiful example of the best our dogs have to give.