Friday, June 12, 2009

S'more pit bulls, please. June Pit Ed Camp.

Every shelter worker deserves a good get away. Here's a little peek into what our Pit Ed campers get to do when they come to Oakland to play with pit bulls. From June Camp: All work and no play! (Not)

1. Everyone gets to see bay area shelters from the inside out.

2. Environmental enrichment work: Flirt pole practice keeps everybody on their toes. Heather Hart, Interim Director of Operations, Baltimore Humane Society

3. Learning handling skills in Pit Ed class.

4. We stop to watch an Ambassadog meet his prospective family.
5. Helping out at a Shots Fair: Greeting clients and learning what life is like for pit bull owners in this town. Ed Fritz, Campaign Specialist, Best Friends Animal Society
6. Meeting local celeb Jonny Justice.

7. No visit is complete without a snuggle from a snoring Nelly. 

Jessica Dolce of the Animal Refuge League (Maine!)

8. Potty breaks for the dogs interrupt an afternoon of policy talk.

9. Entertaining Ambassadog Retha after hours 
(Shhh .. don't let the hotel desk catch you.)

Evaluating dogs at Berkeley Animal Care Services.

Celebrating a great week with new friends.

12. And finally, a video made during camp by Jessica Dolce in honor of her new buddy, Retha. Thank you Jessica! We had a great time and look forward to highlighting all the wonderful things you diehards will be doing for the pit bulls in your corners in upcoming months.

For more info on Pit Ed Camp, visit Partners in Shelter Services


Anonymous said...

As always kudos on your fabulous work. But I have to say Retha is BEAUTIFUL and a Character.

Thanks for all you do and share.
Richmond, VA

who wouda thunk it?? said...

Nelly is looking SO good! Shiny coat and a smile,just wonderful! You rock

Heather Cherry said...

Ack! I wanna come to camp!

Bonnie said...

Great Video!!!

I have met the lovely Retha, and she is all that and MORE. I know she will find a home as special as she is.

Looks like Camp was hella fun :)

leigha said...

thanks for sharing photos from pit ed camp. the dogs all look so beautiful. and sweet nellie looks like quite the cuddler. thanks again for all you do.

melissa said...

This is my dream, I'd love to come to camp, how do you sign up and when is the next one?

Donna said...

Well it seems the campers' good karma brought good fortune to Retha - Pending a home visit this week, our piebald princess will be going to a new home. Jail Break!

Melissa - When you're ready to talk about coming to one our camps, contact for an application. Send her your questions, too. We're always looking for motivated shelter workers who have some ability to forge change in their corners. It's a great time to power up for these deserving dogs.

leigha said...

what a great video, retha is gorgeous. good luck to her and her new home. those are lucky folks to have such a girl to share their lives with.

Martine said...

How cool to work with all these doggies!!! We had the opportunity to meet Aberfoil this weekend, he is so cute and a love. Wish our stinken comples allowed for pit bulls... funny that they let me have a bull terrier!

Thanks for all you do!!!

Martine & Sugar

jess said...

I'm so happy to hear that Retha has a potential home - she was so much fun to hang out with at camp and deserves a home as fabulous as she is!

thanks again for giving us an amazing experience in CA...we're working hard in Maine to make some camp-inspired changes!

Charles said...

Hey, have you ever worked with somebody from the Maui Humane Society? Me, being the nerd I am, visited there while on vacation. I saw a Badrap magnet on a wall (Resist Ignorance, Educate, Inspire). Everybody was really busy though and my mom was eager to leave, so I didn't get a chance to ask. Just curious. It's cool to see bad rap support out here in the middle of the pacific.