Thursday, April 23, 2009

Remembering an Old Soul

Anyone who's lived with a special senior will love this story of Sheri Cardo and her girl, Brigitte. I think we could solve half the world's problems if only we slowed down long enough to take in the lessons that old soul dogs like her offer up.

Brigitte passed on in January at the ripe old age of 17 and 1/2. We're so happy that SFGate saw fit to print her story so she could have the chance to steal a few more hearts. 

Bless you Brigitte and Sheri. 


Princess said...

What a wonderful story on Brigitte and Sheri, I can just imagine the way they interacted and it brings tears of happiness to me! Thanks for sharing!

~Princess's Mom

Carole said...

This was a doggie fairy tale, very heartwarming.

Donna, don't know if you meant NOT to include the link, so here it is:

Leila said...

As we all recognize, when we adopt a member of our family it is a lifetime commitment. If we are really lucky, like Sheri was, we'll get as many years as we possibly can before they cross over.

Thanks for sharing this lovely snapshot of a life.

Dianne in DC said...

I first learned about Bad Rap from their work after Katrina.

There is a documentary on HBO tonight, Trouble the Water, that follows a couple before during and after the flooding.

The blurb in the Post showed the couple sitting on a stoop with their two dogs. Like most of the NOLA dogs, I believe they are pitbulls.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. My journey with my sweet Nutmeg ended 1/15/09 and she was very sick for the last month of her life. I, too, didn't know I had it in me and I owe her a debt of gratitude for making me a better person. I would have cleaned up the messes endlessly if she could have stayed with me longer. It is so stinking sad I hope you heart eventually heals.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies go out to Sheri and her family. No matter how you get your dog, it is always devestating to lose them. Brigette was very lucky to have found Sheri. By the way, I am a "failed foster" also, but feel like a huge winner every time I snuggle with my snoring Pittie!