Friday, April 03, 2009

Home is where the heart is

It was a pleasure to write this, and even better - to share. 
Bay Woof Article:
At Home with the Vick Dogs

One day soon, we'll have to update everyone on Iggy (left) - our sanctuary case love man who deserves his own tiara.

In the same Bay Woof issue, our gifted Ambassadog Trainer Sara Scott outlined her work with the shelter dogs. Sara's Work

Happy Spring Weekend, everyone.


Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful! thank you -

Anonymous said...

Nice Bay Woof articles - always enjoy hearing about the short-coated, muscle-bound hounds we all love! Keep up the good work!

Chelsea said...

Thanks for sharing these articles. I'm forwarding the first one to my mom, who is madly in love with my pit bull, but remains reluctant to adopt one because she struggles with "[accepting] the challenge of owning a dog that so many people expect to fail," as Donna so perfectly put it.

As for the other article, I'm freaking out that there's such thing as doggie dancing classes?!

Ama Foundation said...

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