Thursday, October 04, 2007

Woo Woo! Gary

A little update on our Skeleton Man...

Finally, Gary has enough energy to show us some personality. His body is starting to repair itself and a his gums are a pale shade of pink.

The first thing he said about his fate was:
Woo Woo Woo!
Roughly translated, we think that means, "This is all so crazy! I like being alive. Can I eat now?"

Check Out:
Gary's Lil Movie

We've started considering the possibilty of finding him a foster-to-adopt home, which is a big step. A few weeks ago, we just wanted him to die in peace. But, fate might have other plans.

Gary is a simple kinda guy. He's not quite a pit bull; he seems to be his own special brand of leggy, backyard bred ghetto hound....Not that there's anything WRONG with leggy backyard-bred ghetto hounds. But, hey.

He's a bit of a Wimp and he has some learning to do: Ladders are scary and so are digital cameras (we're working on it). Strangers are happy and dogs are A-Okay, but a person carrying a phone might be worth avoiding. Clapping your hands so he doesn't lift his leg on the patio table is WAY scary. Yeah - Our boy has been around some rough people and he's got some Worry Wart baggage. Not surprising.

Stay tuned while we ruminate on the Future According to Gary. Woo Woo!


Anonymous said...

Nice to see improvements on Gary. Woo Woo Woo...

Anonymous said...

This is so totally awesome!! Geuss the big man upstairs has other plans for him :) love the video! Maybe Lil Man will help him out and show him the ropes !!! thanks for all that you do- Crystal J

Anonymous said...

Woo woo...Gary has a little skip in his walk now! And what a I spy 4 bulls in there...Lil Man, Gary, Honk and Sally, plus one of those other! And I thought mine was wild and crazy with ONLY two!

Dina from PA

Anonymous said...

SO happy to see that tail wagging away! Thanks for giving this sweet boy a chance.

Sarah said...

Bless you all for what you have done for all the bullies...

The Captain said...

Oh Gary, look at you!

He looks amazing and it looks like he feels amazing too. You guys are incredible.

Do you think you could maybe give him a bath in REALLY hot water so he can shrink down to 25lbs and be allowed to live with me? ;)

Unknown said...

That Gary looks like my Marcus but in white not black! Perhaps he has a bit of the boxer in him... I'm soooo happy to see him getting better, that first post about him made me cry. I'm up in Portland with my rescued pit, but I love to read your blog. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Big Woof back from Boris to Gary

Patty and I kept talking about Gary since meeting him earlier in the month, he really left an impression with us (must be his long nose like Buck). We could tell he has that strength inside him him that can't be masked by the outside scars. His temperment says "it doesn't matter the dog mix within me, just the mix of people that think I matter". I hope he finds a loving foster to keep family.

When I played the video my speakers were up high(watching the Indians winning while surfing). Boris heard his godparents "good boys" and the dog excitement WOO. It set-him-off in a zoomie around the house looking for his foster running mates and saw him giving a big Woof back.

Gary's video is timely as I keep playing it as a celebration to desensitize Boris from the thunder and lightening of his first Big Texas Storm.

Jim (P-, Boris and Sheena too)