Monday, October 01, 2007

They Said It First...

We were surprised to see this leak (leak?) out into the press, but there it is....

Vick Dogs Evaluation News

For an insider's scoop on how this is even possible - Abused pit bulls with placement potential? - we'll have to refer you to Sophie: Blogs below.

Once again, doG bless the ASPCA for organizing the evals and for believing in the right for every companion animal to be treated and evaluated as an individual.


Anonymous said...

That's AMAZING news!

Anonymous said...

"the right for every companion animal to be treated and evaluated as an individual" said it all and I'm so very pleased that BadRap has had and continues to have a part in this decision. I'm also very selfishly pleased that it gives you guys much needed exposure, though of course, I'm not thrilled with the way that it had to happen. And damn, can we all please stop talking about that idiot Vick, who Wayne Pacelle (head of the HSUS) feels 'sorry' for????? Awwwwwwwwwww, poor Michael.

Dina from PA

Anonymous said...

My prayers are answered. This is the greatest news since this awful saga began. I would like to pay tribute to those that are not among the lucky 49:

"Big Boy"
"Too Short"

You may be gone but never will you be forgotten.....Thank you to everyone who made this possible. May every pitbull subjected to Bad Newz Kennels now know "love and safety". God shines on you... Sherry

Anonymous said...

good for you, Bad Rap and ASPCA.
I look forward to hearing more about the individual dogs

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you guys... you've made a lot of dogs safer today way above and beyond those of Michael Vick. Thank you.

Jackelyn said...

This news MADE my day! A HUGE thank you to BadRap and the ASPCA for all your hard work. I have goose bumps:)

Anonymous said...

Good job! This made national news. Great publicity for all pitbulls.

Donna said...

Thanks to everyone for the good vibes you sent out to the dogs. I can relate to Jackelyn's goosebumps!

This is big, big news. In addition to the ASPCA, we're all incredibly grateful to the people working for the federal governement who supported the idea of giving these dogs a chance to prove themselves.

Keep sending your good thoughts for next steps!

Sarah said...

This brought tears to my eyes... God bless you for the work that you have done and continue to do.

My pet pits give you their most sloppy kisses in gratitude for what you have done for their brothers and sisters!

Unknown said...

I can't even think of words to express my gratitude toward your group! I'd love to express it in cash, but I've already given all of that to help dogs here in the Twin Cities. Thank you so very much, and love to you pups who made it & who didn't.