Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why Bother?

It's the third of July. I'm supposed to be getting ready for a bbq and looking forward to visiting friends and fun, but instead, I'M GRUMPY. After reviewing the third set of amendments, it's clear that the authors of AB1634 have lost their focus, and with it, the bill's original intent. Working stock dogs are still unsafe under the bill. The final straw was new language that allows pet owners to produce "just one litter" from their dog or cat.


This has become the 'Why Bother' bill and it's a heartbreaker. We've changed our original position of support and have submitted our official letter of opposition to legislators. Our reasons outlined here: BADRAP Opposes

Bleh! So much for hoping for intelligent all-breed spay/neuter legislation.

Heartfelt sympathies to all those people who'll be showing up to work on Thursday morning with a long list of cats and dogs that need to be euthanized. You and these animals deserve so much better than this.

For now? We plan to make our margaritas extra strong tonight.

Donna & the Crew

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