Saturday, June 23, 2007

Heavy Metal to the Rescue!

We were so bummed: Our golf tournament fundraiser - the event that was supposed to kick off our Nemo Fund for emergency medical costs - was cancelled when too few people signed up to play. Boo hoo!

It's hard to know if golfers aren't big on pit bulls, or maybe pit bull people just don't do golf? Or maybe we're just really bad at advertising?

No worries, because Heavy Metal came to the rescue last night. Five bands played their hearts out for the pit bulls at Gilman Street and donated all costs to the cause. By the time security kicked in their fees and show goers emptied their pockets, the Nemo Fund was alive and well. Woot!

Worhorse came up from Los Angeles to do their good deed. They were in the line up with Attack Disarm Takeover, Arise, Wendol and Chromium Six. Our deaf dog Honky Tonk had no complaints about the loud music - He loved it!

Big thanks to Laura, Bryon, Jay, Rusty, and the Boys with the Noise for your big hearts

...and we can't forget BR alum Gypsy, who decided not to be car-sick so she could get up to Berkeley and make sure everyone was having a good time last night.

Lesson learned: Golf is great, but Heavy Metal hits harder faster when pit bulls need quick help.


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nonie3234 said...

Try bowling! My local SPCA has had good results from their annual "Pet Bowl" fundraiser. Not so much success with golf here, either.