Tuesday, December 19, 2017

New Website .. And a smooth move for our Blog

It's been a long time coming ... We're happy to unveil BADRAP's updated website. We hope you like it. As we sharpen our dog owner support focus, our goal for the upgrade has been to make the site more smart phone friendly, but even more, to make resources easier to find so dog owners facing struggles can get quicker answers and help for their dog(s).

Check it out: BADRAP.org

Two key sections: The Home Page lists general topics and the Keep'Em Home section lists topics relevant to local (SF Bay Area) dog owners. It's better organized, with smoother entries to spay/neuter information and forms, emergency vet care links, housing strategies and other must-knows for navigating life with a blocky headed dog.

Our Blog will now live HERE.

Much of our popular dog management info is still here, with the addition of videos on many of the pages. We think you'll enjoy our new Adoption Gallery and our growing library of Keep'Em Home stories.
Tell us what you think! There are bound to be bugs, so we appreciate your patience as we continue to download and tap dance through the wild world of html.
Thank you for sharing this site with your friends, and for your warm and encouraging support!

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