Monday, March 17, 2014

a week of firsts

A very special group of survivors arrived in CA two weeks ago. We first met them over Christmas week when our team of ten traveled to the southeastern US to provide care for 167 dogs held in a busy HSUS-run animal shelter. They'd been swept up in a dog fighting raid that saved 367 dogs - not including the pups born post-seizure. News Link.

The dogs are being released to rescue for TLC and re-homing one group at a time. We accepted seven (Monkey, Jamie, Melvin, Gwennie, Ollie, Luna, Lady Bug), and hosted Megg and Londyn for two weeks at the Rescue Barn before they left for new adventures thanks to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

UPDATE 9/14: The surviving dogs have all been released to rescue and the men who harmed them received their sentences for felony dog fighting. LINK

Watching this lucky group experience their 'firsts' has been a blessing and a privilege.

 Can't see video? LINK HERE.


stellaroselong said...

Thank you for doing that.
stella rose

Lynn (in Louisiana) said...

Wonderful video. Thanks for all you do!
What's the song??

stellaroselong said...

can you tell me who sang that song, or what the name of it is?
stella rose

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Eddie Vedder's more recent work (he's the lead singer of Pearl Jam). It is not from his ukulele album, however, as I have that one (I highly recommend it, BTW, it's beautiful)
Speaking of beautiful, I loved the video, it misted my eyes up more than once. Great work that you folks do.

Anonymous said...

We grow, by Tyler Stenson

Anonymous said...

Love it. Wish I lived there so I could volunteer.

Heather said...

Watching this video brought so many tears. Mostly happy but hate to hear what they all go through. I am so glad when the people that abuse these dogs get punished. Coming from Maui and being a volunteer we see so many Pit Bulls. They are all wonderful dogs and deserve so much more than a bad rap. They all need love and a good home so they can have a life like other dogs. Thanks for all you do for them.