Friday, December 28, 2012

BADRAP's year end report and two holiday miracles

How does time fly so quickly? We've been so immersed in daily dog details that we had to look to our facebook timeline (!) for help lining up the events of 2012 into a year end report, linked below. It was a very good year!

After we launched the report, we got a holiday miracle. One of our oldest foster dogs (said to be 15, but who really knows) found his forever home. Jimmy. I used to worry about him a lot because he was so aloof when he came to us, but the clouds have lifted. Lookit him now.

And just when we thought we couldn't smile any wider, BR Rep Letti de Little picked up an urgent message from two West Oakland residents she'd been in contact with. They wanted their dogs fixed asap and could we please help? A good day by most standards, but in this case, the male was a well liked stud dog who has impregnated untold numbers of females in his community. We're told that kids bring their dogs to him for the 'favor.' Imagine that.

The other dog in need was his pregnant daughter, and gosh, could we please hurry because her owner knows from experience how hard it is to find good homes for pups in this economy. So do we...We absorbed the end of one of Zeus' summer litters and are still working to place the last pup (Magpie).

Thanks to the quick response of VCA Bay Area Pet Hospital and our fantastic donors, this West Oakland neighborhood will have far fewer unwanted puppies to absorb in 2013. And Zeus' people have just become advocates for neutering and for enjoying life with a lovely ex-gigolo.

Jimmy at home, and two well timed spay/neuter surgeries. Those two bits of happy lead us to believe that the new year is going to be a very very good year. Wishing you much joy as we all march forward.

BADRAP 2012 Year End Report


PoochesForPeace said...

Sounds like a great end to a great year!!!

cambridgeratmom said...

Jimmy, I know that Donna worried about you and so did I, 'cause if Donna's worried, I'm worried. But look at you now. I think you can finally exhale. Thank you Jimmy's mom and dad for opening your home, and especially your hearts, to this sweet old man.

And I know you're catchin' a lot of heat on FB for spaying a pregnant dog, but you're doing the right thing. That's the real "favor."

Joan said...

Thanks for all the great work you do and keeping everyone updated.

One voice counts said...

W o w. Started swimming the blog to find year end report mention as could not track email you guys sent. B a m. Heartstopping picture. Jimmy. This is the very best way I can think of to start a day. Any day.