Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fool's Day: Buy your local rescuer a margarita pleeze

April Fool's Day is this Friday. It's going to be BR's 12 year anniversary, and to celebrate we'd love to honor all the other overworked, under-partied pit bull rescuers who are out there doing good deeds.

So for our birthday, we're asking a special favor from pit bull fans and friends....

Buy your local rescuer a margarita on Fool's Day.

Margaritas have been the official BADRAP birthday drink since Fool's Day '99. We were, admittedly, under the confidence-enhancing influence of tequila when we decided to start a pit bull advocacy group, and it's served us well since. Even today, whenever this work gets a little too heavy, at least one group member puts out a call for a tequila date -- medicine for our minds.

No matter how tense times might get, a respite involving decent food, icy drinks and riotous laughter pulls us together quick. Not everyone in our group likes alcohol, but they seem to put up with our custom and are probably relieved when we trade in frustrations for ridiculous giggles. And then of course there are always virgin margaritas and the fun of a good contact buzz.

If your local pit bull rescuer accepts your offer (you might have to show them this blog post so they don't think you're hitting on them), please post a photo of the fun on our facebook page so we can see them happy, and tell us a little bit about who they are. We'd love others to learn about their work. Don't forget to splurge a little and go top-shelf: a splash of Grand Marnier and/or Cointreu truly makes all the difference.

Not sure who's helping the dogs? Check PBRC's list of rescuers for names of groups in your locale. Don't forget to include shelter workers that rally hard for the breed in their agencies.

In lieu of a drink date, you can send a gift certificate to Chevy's or similar mexi-favorite restaurant with a thank you note for all their hard work. By giving these good folks a mini-break from the madness, you'll do more for the cause than you'll ever know.

Do it!

Thank you!

and, Happy Fool's Day to anyone who is as foolish as we are. We heart you!

Below: Tim powering our blessed Margarita Cart in Black Rock Desert. (Yes, he's wearing a tutu. Hey, it was Burning Man, whaddaya expect?)


One voice counts said...

Well, from down and out here in the cotton-berry picking Deep South ya'll -- where the Chesterfield Co SC situation gets more labyrinthine by the moment -- your post wafted in like a sweet grass breeze from Taos. I/we the Pratt family and I are heading over to Azteca Friday night and buying one another Margaritas. Here's looking at you guys. Love picture of Tim.

ForPetsSake said...


Heather Cherry said...

Happy berfday, BR!


Dianne said...

Happy Anniversary to all the Fools out there saving America's dog. I'll have a Last Mango Margarita and think of y'all.

Anonymous said...

Donna, you married the best man on the planet. He will do anything for you and for the bullies. You go Tim.

Patty & Boris, Houston