Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Legs, noses and a book deal for Jim Gorant

The Vick dog saga sure has itself some legs. Uba's adopter Letti pointed out a news blurb today that surprised us all....

Sports Illustrated writer Jim Gorant just signed a BOOK DEAL to write a book about the Vick dogs, entitled "The Lost Dogs." According to CNBC, "The book is being billed as an inspirational account of the rescue and "adoption" of Michael Vick's abused pit bulls." Holy crap!

Based on Jim's even-keeled approach to the recent magazine story, we expect this is going to be a very good thing for the dogs. The release date is expected to coincide with Vick's release from prison. Above: Jim Gorant, in yellow, ponders the crazy dog people during Pit Ed class.

EDIT: It seems someone jumped the gun on this. Gorant told us by phone that he has not signed a deal yet, but is working out terms. Looks like it will go thru, but he was a little upset that news leaked before he'd made contact with his contacts. Oh well. We'll take the good news just the same.

Whoa Nelly.

This is Sweet Nelly, from the Oklahoma case. I love that she's so happy in this photo. She's been battling pneumonia - not easy to do when you're born without nostrils. But things are looking up for her now. 

She's on the mend, and our vet believes she can slice brand new nostrils for the girl in the same way that brachycephalic pugs get help for their breathing problems. Nelly delights in life and seems utterly blissed out about EVERYthing, even when she's gulping air. I can't begin to imagine how happy she'll be when she can breathe. Stay tuned for more word on that.

We look forward to matching Nelly with a new home when the time is right. And yes, she can happily live with other dogs.


Is this one of TugTug's close relatives? (Photo of stud dog 'Sensational Intrepid Floyd' from pupcity.com.)

...Staffy bull people are wondering.

They're especially interested to learn why their breed has shown up in two of the most recent bad-boy busts. Is this a new trend or have staffy bulls been showing up in lots of  busts, but lumped together with (and destroyed alongside) American Pit Bull Terriers all this time?


Luisa said...

My sis took her pug to UC Davis for that surgery, with terrific results. Good luck, Nelly!

Awesome news that Jim Gorant will be writing "The Lost Dogs." Super fantastically awesome! [runs off to post news on blog]

Leila said...

Wow! What a post, chock full of diverse news.

I was wondering what was happening with Miss Nelly. I'm so glad that she is on the road to recovery. I have to say that she is absolutely glowing. You guys have certainly brought her to her joy zone.

I wish Jim success and luck with his endeavor. I hope that his book continues to show the world what we already know. The Bullies are the best!

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about Nellie. I LOVE, LOVE that face. Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's Christmas all over again! I've been asking, very nicely, for a book about the Vick Dogs....and here it comes! Yay!!!

I'm so happy for Nelly. I wondered how she was doing sans benefit of nose apparatus. Any special fund set up for her surgery? She is a cutie!

Home2K9 Pack Leader said...

Miss Nelly gets me every time! I love hearing updates on that precious girl, she's just darling. Interesting news about Gorant's book deal... loved the SI issue, hope this turns out to be as positive.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Hopefully, we will have the book in time for Christmas so that I can buy a copy for everyone on the list!

Nelly is to die for cute, even without a nose! Keep us posted on her recovery and what is needed to help her,

Anonymous said...

Yea!! Can't wait for the book, I'm loving all this positive attention the breed and vicktory dogs are getting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna - I just love the pictures, and seeing good news stories. I agree with everyone, the book is much anticipated for xmas gift giving next year!

But am I being snarky here to pose a question to those staffy people about why they're just now worried about what dogs could have been destroyed in those recent busts? Are they saying that they'll now be more open to helping and opening up foster spots for any dogs from these busts, or only if it meets their criteria? Just wondering...because from what you and others that stepped up have shown us, it's tragic that more of the good dogs weren't saved, regardless of their breeding.

Anonymous said...

I just adore Nelly! She looks like a total sweetheart, and I hope the vet can help her start feeling better soon!

Donna said...

Hey Becky, the Staffy Bull people's bigger concern is that disreputable breeders are letting dogs get into some seriously scary hands. Everyone wonders where Vick got his SBs - and yes, some have theories. (Of course Vick got his pit bulls from the Moon because no APBT breeders in their right mind would've sold stock to HIM, right? - Nawww.)

The SB ppl have been really great about helping to spread word about our recent orphans, and I wouldn't doubt that there would be help for others that show up in busts.

> it's tragic that more of the good dogs weren't saved, regardless of their breeding.

Yep - but times are a'changing.

Once again, we see that you never know what's going to show up in these yards until breed people actually go in there and LOOK.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, well: in addition to the "guilt by innuendo" regarding Floyd's breeders, you appear to be violating their copyright on the photo. Did you ASK them whether they had sold a dog to Oklahoma, or for permission to use their photo? Somehow, I think not.. they're breeders after all, so they must be bad and have no rights.

Anonymous said...

More Nelly please!!
Am in love with her!!

Donna said...

No word from Floyd's breeder yet. But whether or not he's "guilty" of selling a dog to a cruel animal abuser is irrelevant to the greater concern that nicely bred little SB breeding stock is ending up in all the wrong hands.

If that fact makes anyone uncomfortable, then I guess I've done my job.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any updates on any other dogs BadRap may have rescued from Oklahoma? TugTug and Nelly are both beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Jim's book is apparently scheduled for 2010, so we'll all have to wait.

It's interesting that pit bulls are now acceptable subject matter for major book deal. I spent much of the past few years trying to get a publisher to allow me to do a pit bull history book, and even with the success of The Dogs Who Found Me (14 printings) there was no one interested.

Hopefully there is room for more pit bull books!

Donna said...

You still have time to get yours out there before Jim steals your thunder, Ken!

Actually, Jim hopes to get this out there within 2009. Musta been a typo in the article, especially since they printed that he'd signed when he hasn't yet.

Sigh ... gotta love the media.

Anonymous said...

Donna - - As the Founder of the SBT Breed in Finland (1964) and the USA (1967), I would very much appreciate it if you would be a great deal more forthcoming with solid and accurate information because what you've written so far is little short of gossip.

What is Tug's pedigree? How does it tie in with the pedigree of Sensational Floyd? What's the connection between these two dogs?

Please stick to actual facts: Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How.

Since I imported Sensational Floyd's sire from New Zealand and his dam from South Africa (after having visited the breeders there), I have a keen interest in this case.

If you give me the pertinent facts, I may be able to provide some pertinent information for you.

Donna said...

Thanks Steve, Pls contact me donna@badrap.org

Anonymous said...

Donna, Tell Jim I'll buy five copies, they'll make great gifts for some extended family and friends to open some eyes.

Bob Waugh

Kirsten said...

That's great about the book. Looks like the main stream press has finally cottoned on to what pit bull lovers (i.e. Ken Foster-- I feel his frustration here) have known all along-- pit bulls and their stories are compelling!

I've been eagerly thinking of a way to subtley (or blatantly) work a pibble into a future novel-- probably #3. #2 is set in England in the 1800's... may have to stick to mastiffs and staffies there ;). Fortunately I have a fantastically open-minded publisher.

Nellie is so cute, and beaming in that photo! :) *Little Bat Dog*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, I'm glad to hear the staffy breeders are getting involved, hopefully they have time to put that genie back in the bottle (controlling the bad breeders).

And hey, keep on making people uncomfortable, even us when it's those sad realities we all should share with you.

I can't wait for all good pit bull books to get out there, Ken's too. My hubby is always teasing me that if they make it (pit bull paraphernalia)then I will buy it.

Pip said...

Yay Nelly! You keep smiling baby girl! Donna, please let us know if you’ll be setting up at special fund for her surgery.

Every day I'm more amazed by these creatures. My little girl (a deaf, dog-social, love bug of a pit) recently amazed the pants off me... she's just won "sleeping on the bed with Mom" privileges. My partner was out of the evening and she and I went to bed together. I woke up a couple of hours later to find her standing protectively over me, facing the bedroom door, and growling. I couldn’t figure out what was going on… until I saw that the living room lights were on and hear my partner moving around. Turns out that the lights woke up my girl and she thought there was an intruder out there. (She couldn’t hear that it was her Dad, and his scent hadn’t reached her yet.) Once she smelled who it was, she was all wiggles and kisses. This is the same dog who, when out with me or hanging out in the living room when a new person comes over, will greet any stranger with kisses and a wagging tail. I would have sworn she didn’t have a protective bone in her body. It amazes me that she knew the different between “stranger I met while being walked” and “possible intruder in the house.”

Also the embarrassed look on her face when she saw that the “intruder” was her Dad was priceless.

Anonymous said...

Ken, Would love to read another book from you, especially if on the history of pit bulls!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Anonymous said...

One thing that jumped out at me before is that these dogs were spayed/neutered onsite... could this not have waited until these dogs were healthier or their immune systems were stronger? Responsible rescues surely could have been trusted enough to not allow any accidents from occuring during a brief recovery from such a horrible situation. Could Nelly's sickness be post-surgical aspiration pneumonia?

Your blog: He did a series of fast surgeries before our eyes in some of the most extreme conditions you can imagine: unforgiving winds, freezing temperaments, nowhere for the dogs to recover but our cars with engines running and heat vents set on full blast.

......just a thought for the future.....

Anonymous said...

J'adore Sweet Nelly! Her face upturned to the sun is just the most exquisite thing I have seen today. Merci beaucoup!

Donna said...

hey Anon 9:32.
Thanks for your thoughts on Nelly's condition. She was actually the one dog that we didn't spay out in the field in OK -- I was too worried about how she would handle the anesthesia and the doc agreed.

When it came to fixing the other dogs, since this was Oklahoma's first batch of pit bulls to survive a bust, we wanted to give the authorities every reason to feel good about how the rescue went. Now that they know us, maybe we won't have to do on-site surgeries next time ... Then again, let's hope there ISN'T a next time anytime soon.

Donna said...

Sweet story, doc sinister. Tim and I have a deaf dog-social boy too and he's a gift. It amazes me how in-tune deaf dogs are and how they use other dogs to help them know when to get really excited about something. Still, I love that we can sneak in the house and not wake him up. And how unsocialized dogs can growl and him and he just wags. He's done a lot of good work around here!

Anonymous said...

RE: Donna said...
hey Anon 9:32.

Ah. I am glad that they listened and did not do Nelly onsite. Very smart move. It sounds like she was dealing with other health issues.
Yes. Can only hope there ISN'T another one.

Nelly is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, seems like some people that were at home in their nice warm houses want to throw BadRap under the bus for rescuing dogs. Interesting. Since there was a VET on site, I am sure that he was smart enough to tell which animals were healthy enough and which ones weren't.

I have been personally blessed by getting to meet both Donna and Tim, and my former Diva turned future CGC dog is living, breathing proof that these are two angels on Earth. Tim has helped me so much in being able to help my dog, who by the way, is without papers, and just as loved as my dog with papers.

Tim and Donna, you keep doing what you do. There are not enough words of thanks not only for the help you have given me with Osa, but for all of the other dogs that you have rescued. To question the good work of BadRap is beyond belief to me. My family thinks that you are the best.

Much love and thanks to you both,
Natalie and Osa

Donna said...

Hey Natalie. I didn't take the poster's comments as a slam here, but honest curiosity about protocol and concern for Miss Nelly (and future bust dogs)

But thank you for rearing up to defend. You got some pit bull in you and it makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

I am the one who posted the concern about the surgeries that were performed that day..and it was not meant to berate anyone at all. I foster/care for rescue dogs myself and was just making an inquiry. I know that this was a totally different situation but we have just always been guided into waiting awhile before any procedure was performed. Just wondering if maybe that was what happenned to Nelly...but I am glad that precautions were taken. ;-) Just a question....no bashing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Wow, seems like some people that were at home in their nice warm houses want to throw BadRap under the bus for rescuing dogs.

Oh and just fyi (once again..not bashing) ... I was not resting in my nice warm house. I was out there in the numbing brutal cold before others were able to make the trip there. The dogs needed to be cared for. I fell in love with them....each one for an unique reason. It did concern me that these dogs were altered onsite (as I am sure Donna can understand why). The image of that site will forever be scarred in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Donna, as you know, I'm certainly not one for ear cropping but with the bad butch job on Nelly's ears, perhaps the vet can straighten them out when he opens her noseholes? What a sweet girl.

Patty in Houston