Thursday, September 06, 2007

Money keeps talking...

Oh, irony, my fickle little friend.

No sooner had I just finished my blog post about Vick's apology than we received an article claiming that the Humane Society of the United States is auctioning off Vick's apology notes - notes that were apparently left on the podium during his press conference - on eBay.

The auction is live, and the last bid I saw was for $10,100.

This is the kind of stunt expected out of PETA or a private enterprise - headline vultures hellbent on cashing in on this tragedy by any means possible, regardless as to how their missions, beliefs or actions align (or conflict) with the well-being of the pit bull breed - or the Vick dogs in particular. PETA of course has continued to send out newsletters soliciting donations on behalf of dogfighting victims, yet their position on the breed has not changed. PETA wants to eliminate the pit bull breed and supports breed-specific-legislation, and one rationale stated was that only by eliminating pit bulls will the abuse to them cease.

Why are people so quick to blame and demonize the victims of abuse and exploitation for the abuse and exploitation?

In any case, that this means is that PETA's idea of "helping" the pit bull victims out there is to put them down and take steps to eliminate their cousins forever. Is this where the money being collected on behalf of all the dogfighting victims is going?


As for the HSUS auction, I simply hope that the money raised will be donated directly toward the care of the Vick dogs themselves, or toward the benefit of any real-live pit bull currently suffering at the hands of cruel owners, an overpopulation epidemic, an overcrowded shelter system ($10,000 can buy a lot of Kuranda beds and kennel enrichment toys, as well as spay/neuters), and a public discourse shaped by a sensationalist media machine most recently fueled by self-proclaimed pit bull experts who are only too happy to provide damaging, dramatic and untrue quotes about the breed - as long as those quotes are reported by a source with wide distribution.

Indeed, money keeps talking... and talking...


Jackelyn said...

What I hate is that so many people, with good intentions, support PETA. They have no idea that PETA would like to see these dogs exterminated. So frustrating.

Anonymous said...

P.E.T.A Pet Extermination Task Association


Anonymous said...

P.E.T.A. =
Pet Extermination Task Association