Monday, March 12, 2007

Sammie Saves Her Kitty. Well...Sort of.

Some of you might recognize Sammie from our available page. She's a foster dog and special guest at Emily's home while she awaits her perfect happy ending. I represent Sammie for BAD RAP. Emily and I communicate a lot via email, helping Sammie hone up on her manners and checking in on her progress. Emily emailed me recently with news. I'll let her tell the story....

Sammie helped rescue our indoor only kitty. He managed to escape into the great wide world around 6pm and unlike usual he didn't come back after an hour or so. I looked all over the neighborhood but saw no sign of him.
Then, at 2:30am, I heard him screaming and bolted out of bed. Sammy was whimpering, but I left her in her crate to go look for him. I couldn't find him anywhere but kept hearing him crying. I would call him and he would call back to me, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from. I got back to the house and let Sammie out while I tried to think of what to do.
She paced up and down the hallway, still whimpering. So when I went out again, I took Sammie with me. Well, Sammie took me right to him about a block and a half away. Poor boy was trapped under a truck by a cat twice his size. We chased off the other cat and carried Sammie's kitty back with us. Minus a HUGE cut all across the top of his head and a few other miscellaneous wounds, kitty is fine. She and Don Juan (the cat) seem to have a special bond. She helps herd him back inside now if he slips out.

I don't know why, but once properly introduced, Sammie adores her cats. Even while in my home, she warmed up to my cat who'd be happy to dig his claws (and teeth) into the nearest dog face and just hang on. Here's a little more from Emily about Sammie the "kitty rescuer."

Sammie has an incredible passion for life and people. She is happiest when we have guests in the house and charms everyone she meets with her optimistic, enthusiastically affectionate attitude. She has a passion for tennis balls and flirt poles (anything she can chase) but also settles nicely at your feet while on the computer, crates beautifully, and is happy to snuggle up for a movie.

Check out Sammie and the other available BAD RAP dogs here. And if you hear a kitty screaming for help, it just might be Don Juan waiting for his knight-tress in a shining fur coat to come rescue him.

One final note. While we're thrilled that Sammie can live peaceably with a dog savvy cat, not all dogs can. For more information on pit bulls living with cats, check out PBRC's hand-out: Dogs and Cats



Anonymous said...

What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing it :) It's so great when cats and dogs become friends. Sammie is a beautiful dog too (inside and out!)

Anonymous said...

My lab/pit mix gets along with all of our four cats, but is best buds with Lulu as they were both adolescents when we got them. Scarlett must know where Lulu is at ALL times!